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FM What was your biggest take-away from doing Hoops for Haiti 2015 My biggest take away was certainly to be grateful for what I have and to cherish each day. I saw people who had so little but instead of being bitter or disenchanted by their lot in life were so grateful for what they had. It definitely keeps things in perspective. FM You use your hooping skills to create artwork. What inspired you to put paint into a hula hoop Ive always loved to draw and paint even before I started hula hooping and I knew I wanted to do something to combine those two passions. I actually had a fan suggest I made a video against a white background hooping while someone threw paint on me. That got my wheels spinning about how to combine painting and hooping and pretty soon I got the idea for the paint hoop. FM What has been the response from the public and your fans to your hooping art videos etc. Well everyone has their opinions of my painting and my hooping and it pretty much runs the gamutof hatred andloathing to love and adoration Quite honestly though I have some really wonderful fans who are supportive encouraging tell me how Ive inspired them and are continually uplifting to my spirit. There are certainly more of the supportive fans out there than the mean nay-sayers. FM Your website mentions that you aim to inspire more people to learn about and try hooping. What do you consider being successful at that goal to look like I try to not only introduce people to hooping by performing and showing them what I do but also to encourage them to try it out. Whenever I do a live performance I always take extra hoops for anyone who wants to try one. I also teach classes in my hometown thereby motivating more people to try it out and stick with it. Finally as with my Hoops for Haiti campaign I try to take hoops to people who might not have much but would really enjoy the simple joy of a hula hoop. If you want to connect with Katie Sunshine please see her sites below www.facebook.comkatiesunshine14 www.instagram.comkatiesunshine14 _________________________________________________ Alexis Monahan has been a FLiP Magzine contributor since the magazine launched in 2006. She loves her job and interviewing these fabulous people. 9 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015