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FM You are quite skilled at hooping as seen in your videos and photos. How long did it take you to master your first ever routine Has that learning curve changed now when you make your new routines Well for a long time I never created hoop routines. I did all my performances spontaneously just improvising my moves to whatever felt right. I had been hooping for almost a year however until I was really comfortable doing this. Going with the flow is still my favorite style of hooping but when I decided to start performing professionally I also decided to create specific routines. Now when Im working on a new routine I think about what tricks I want to showcase what music Ill be dancing to what audience will be watching the routine and what theme I want to come across in the performance. Its a lot of work but its fun FM What advice do you offer to someone who has never hooped before My advice is to give it a try You never know how much you like something until you try it. Its a great way to be active and stay in shape and its fun Also I would say not to get discouraged if you cant master the tricks right away. It takes a lot of practice and dedication to learn new moves it doesnt happen automatically. FM And hooping is good for exercise as well I always talk about how hooping is such a great way to stay in shape. I also teach a weekly workout class utilizing hooping as its main exercise tool. Its a great way to stay in shape FM I see that you recently went to Haiti with Hoops for Haiti 2015. Can you please describe what this charity is and how you got connected with them I volunteer with an organization Ozark Water Projects that travels the world and provides clean drinking water to impoverished people They were already planning the trip to Haiti to dig a well when I joined theirteam. Hoops for Haiti was my own personal campaign I launched to raise money to cover my airline ticket my lodging and the supplies to make hula hoops so I could go with them to Haiti but not take any money away from their charity. Fortunately thanks to many generous donors I raised enough money to go and take 34 hula hoops with me. When we were there we were repairing hand pumps around Port Au Prince and then we dug a well in a village called Turbe. While the crew worked on digging the well I passed out hoops to the kids and adults who gathered. I played with them performed for them taught them some of my tricks and then of course I left all my hula hoops for them when I left. The access to clean water will help them survive and improve the quality of life and the hula hoops put a little joy in their hearts and a smile on their faces. See Katies blog where she describes the entire trip in a lot more detailhttpwww.katiesunshinehoops.comHoops-for- Haiti-2015c1glv552186aa0cf21933cd3aa7ec 8 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015