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Devashree Shivadekar is a Los Angeles based screenwriter originally from Mumbai India. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Mumbai before flying to New York to pursue and successfully complete her Master of Fine Arts degree in Screenwriting from the New York Film Academy. Devashree has been writing films and articles in Los Angeles for the last two years. If asked what men consider an ideal female most women would pick a size that is smaller than their own. Many psychologists have proved it wrong stating that men in fact do not prefer fashion model bodies. Allow me to get technical for a second because clearly this issue needs technicality squeezed into its wider more elaborate frame of cognizance. A womans weight depends on several factors including height fertility rate in relation to the age and body-mass indexI guess we dont need to get technical after all unless you actually cared about the statistics. Some women are naturally larger or smaller and sometimes there is only so much we can do about it. The point is - a distorted self-image perception still exists in females regardless of how they look. In every single datingmatrimonial website in the world they ask you to specify each and every detail of your physique height weight petite to morbidly obese eye color hair color and length skin color starting from fair to mud to wheatish to wheatish mud to mud fair to dark ivory to ivory charcoal to charcoal black to black black number of moles placement of your teeth proportion of your eyes in relation to your face and so on. Depending on that men can conveniently rule you out. Are the physical attributes that crucial We know they are not deep down no deep deep down but yet we all blindly chase after it. Being overweight is not trendy. I get that. Im also aware that weight is a serious issue. Trust me California where I live is probably one of the most weight-obsessed places in the world. Im not proposing putting morbidly obese actresses on the screen and proclaiming that being fat is healthy Im talking about a normal looking female to be perceived aswell normal. Watching a chubby female on camera is okay. Gents face it and move on. Ladies think about it ponder over it for a while discuss it with your female friends read books about it talk to your therapist beautician manicurist or whoever and then accept it. Do it today if you can Dont get me wrong Im all for healthy living. Eating right and exercising should be treated as medicine as much as a lifestyle. But I draw a line at starvation. Frankly is there even a visible difference between Size Zero and Size Three Do you really want to gorge on carrots and celery everyday so you can shed all your clothes and show the world that youve gorged on carrots and celery and thats it So men and women would gawk at your exposed body and admire its tolerance to famishment And dont pretend you are only doing it to stay healthy. Because staying healthy could be done by eating bread once in a while and because you really want to stay and look healthy and not because wait for it the script demanded it. But till then the question remains can we accept a plus-sized Bond girl Fat chance. 25 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015