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T wo years ago when Mindy Kaling got her own show on American primetime television she broke quite some records figuratively speaking get it. Not only being a racial minority but also dark skinned not stick thin and not crying her eyes out over a man. That begs an obvious question can we have our own Mindy Kaling and look beyond her looks although Mindy is probably one of the prettiest Indian women to exist and appreciate her for what she is a talented young writer and actress Recently a friend of mine in her late twenties confessed how she felt compelled to start losing weight because shes in her marriageable age. She worried that if she didnt reach her ideal thin weight chances were she would never find a husband. First of all she looked fine to me but thats besides the point. I feel like the female race was abducted and sent back to earth with a chip implanted in their heads that said that skinny is the only acceptable size. And we slowly began to tumble as a human race when we the woman kind started following it blindly. By Devashree Shivadekar Body image How We Should Learn to Embrace Every Body Type 24 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015