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L ike the old saying goes it is often believed that to give means to receive but what does this really mean Many analytical business people measure every cent before giving anything away. To them not spending means gaining. However we are not talking here about financial gain but rather a spiritual one. To give to share to help to assist to care to inspire to educate to donate means to receive a pleasure with no price tag. In the process of giving one witnesses the result it delivers in someone elses life that is often expressed through happiness and life changes. Author Erma Bombeck said it best When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say. I used everything you gave me. Life is a circle chain of emotions actions energy and communication. To give back means to show gratitude of the blessings you have received. When we give back we set an example for the receiver to do the same one day to someone else in need. There are many ways to give back to others such as financial emotional inspirational verbal and physically working for or with them. A good place to give back starts with helping each other and assisting the ones in need. Typically this starts with the closest people in our life such as family and then can slowly expand to bigger places and cover more people. There are numerous non-profit organizations that cover many different causes. Depending on your interest you can reach out to them and ask how you can help. Most of the time these non-profit organizations have an official website where they list their needs. These needs can be monetary or time commitment to volunteer and help around the center. Depending on the cause sometimes these organization can make a great use of your artistic talents. Often volunteers invest their time and talent in enriching somebody elses life with some happiness. is a website that lists many nonprofit organizations. You can easily search through the list and find information about each one of them. However there are many new organizations that are not listed there and deserve the same attention and help. One of them is my own non-profit group Bechlem. You can find more information about their cause at www. Bechlem is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire educate guide and enhance the lives of underprivileged children orphans abused poor and uneducated into becoming successful individuals making powerful choices. I believe that children are the future the seed and the individuals that we need to invest in the most. The beautiful bloom we see in the present society shows the careful investment we gave them in the past. The absence of results we see today with our adults reflects the negligence we gave them yesterday when they were our children. Most cities including downtown LosAngeles have a Monday mission day for the homeless where people come to volunteer and feed them. For more information on the LA mission visit Non-profit organizations are increasing everyday. That is noble and also inspiring. The increase in non-profit associations shows an increase of selfless attitude people are embracing more and more every day to give back and provide help to others in need. It is important to note that it is crucial to thoroughly research the association you are interested to assist because many places have a bad reputation andor use the donation for their own selfish profit. Many people wait until they are ready to help give change and inspire. However the truth is that there is no time to wait. Studies have shown that there is a death every 15-20 minutes in the underprivileged community. There is no time to wait and be ready. You can give what you have do what you can and uplift the weight of somebody every day starting with a smile a thank you or a simple word of encouragement. __________________________________________________ Withadegreeincommunicationsabackgroundinpsychology and an inspirational book already published Anjeza Angie Gega assures us that the core to making a difference in peoples life is motivation and inspiration. Following and sharing the current well-being and health trends has allowed her to do just that. To keep up with author Anjeza Angie Gega check out her website at GivingBackHow You Can Become More Involved In Service Work II II I I III II I II II BechlemA brighter tomorrow for our kids. 23 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015