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grounding plug so if your electronic is three-prong you may need an adaptor for that reason only. Ecuador is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone The mainland of all of Ecuador is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. That means no jet lag or re-setting watches for anyone traveling from the East Coast Ecuadors currency is the U.S. Dollar Imagine my surprise when I decided to travel to Ecuador this winter and learned that I wouldnt need to exchange any currency. Ecuador has used the US Dollar as its currency since 2000. This makes it incredibly handy for American travelers as you dont need to lose anything in currency exchange and there is no need to figure out a bunch of new coins and their values. Bonus ATMs are easily accessed in most of the major cities but outside of the cities bank machines can be hard to find so be sure to budget enough money on hand for your travels. Most ATMs limit you to a 100 withdrawal a day but a few can go as high as 400 a day. Just be sure to let your bank know you will be traveling so they dont fraud alert your account. There is nothing worse then your card not working when you need cash. Another perk of the same currency no exchange fees for your credit card purchases. As with your ATM card be sure to let your bank know you will be traveling. Prices in Ecuador are Easy on the Wallet As a developing country Ecuadors prices are a relief for travelers. You can get a pint of local cerveza beer for 1 in many bars. You can go to the spa and get a half-day at a local spa mud wrap sauna box and hot stone massage for 50. Cabs to get around town are plentiful and cheap 5 or less to get to the other side of the city. You can find a nice shared room at a hostel for around 15 a night and a nice twin share hotel room for around 50 a night. And dont forget to haggle at the local markets for even better deals on some beautifully handmade textiles leathers and other great gifts. Lots of Activities to Enjoy Ecuador has something to offer for anyone and everyone. Ecuador has a long and colorful history. Good for those looking to learn about the Mayans the Spanish conquistadors or Ecuadors modern history. There is plenty to explore and Ecuador is very proud of its history and loves to share it with tourists. You will notice most streets are named after important historical dates or historical figures so just look up and absorb. For those seeking adventure sports Ecuador is the place. There is hiking mountain climbing horseback riding zip lining bungee jumping canyoneering repelling down waterfalls surfing deep-sea fishing and so much more. With four distinct ecosystems mountains highland desserts rainforests and ocean there are sports for everyone. You wont be bored. 17 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015