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states. When school was challenging the drive to succeed remained intact. In times of struggle and stress Huff continued to find her solace in music and as she did her musical ability seemed to grow along with the desire to pursue it. During her junior year of high school Huffs vocal coach encouraged her to begin to write her own music noting the importance of songwriting and musicianship that is required in todays market. As the end of her high school career neared Huff took that advice to heart and began to take guitar lessons. Soon after she wrote her first song entitled Soldier Song. This first song hit a nerve almost immediately as the timely song was inspired by a story told to Huff about a young wife saying goodbye to her husband just before he left for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The music video associated with Soldier Song was an official selection at the 2014 GI Film Festival in Washington DC. The lyrics to Soldier Song are inspired and would seem to be written by one far older and wiser in years. As I interviewed Christie Huff I was eager to find out from where the root of such depth came. Certainly struggling with a learning disability can make a person grow in character and compassion beyond their peers but perhaps there was something more to Huffs story. Indeed there was. Songwriters musicians and artists often by nature have a hint of sadness sorrow or tragedy somewhere in their past that seems to ignite the fire of creativity and a drive to express feelings whether they recognize it or not. In Huffs case when she was nine years old Christie and her family found themselves in the midst of a battle all too familiar in our world and yet completely new to them. Though it happened over a decade ago Christie Huff now remembers quite clearly the day she learned her mother was battling breast cancer. My Dad picked us up from school and they were like well we have something to tell you. You know something was offso okay we knew something was going Susannah C. Hicks is a Los Angeles based writer. Hicks has written for numerous entertainment and non-profit companies including In 2014 Hicks hour-long teleplay The Summers Sisters was filmed on location in Charlotte North Carolina. Currently Hicks is working to complete her first full length play Trite and has several other pilots and a book of essays in development. on. And they said mom felt a lump in her breast we went to the doctor and got it checked out and she has breast cancer. Whenever I heard cancer I thought oh gosh my moms going to die. I didnt know what to expect I was so young I dont think I really comprehended the effects. Looking back Huff is rightfully stunned by how well she and her younger sister dealt with the transformation of their mother as she underwent treatment and chemotherapy. Huff her mother and her younger sister traveled with a caretaker to California while her mother received treatment. For any child watching her mother battle cancer is a life-altering experience. Some children when faced with the possibility of death of a parent and the recognition of the uncertain nature of life live in great fear. Others appear to become rather fearless. It seems that for Huff fearlessness was ignited. Watching what her mother struggled through as she desired to be there for her family watching her fight for her life and watching her recover instilled the truth in Huff that one can overcome. In fact at times the impossible is very possible. Currently Christie Huff is living out an impossible dream which is turning out to be quite possible. Huff hopes her music inspires people to love and to live in the knowledge that one can overcome even when they feel they are only hanging on by a thread. It does indeed get better. To date Huff has recorded two albums in Nashville and is now in the middle of recording a third in Los Angeles. To learn more about Christie Huff you can visit her website 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015