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When I first was introduced to singer-songwriter Christie Huffs music I felt a bit overwhelmed by the depth and wisdom that streamed from not only her voice but also the lyrics of such a young talent. Barely out of her teens Huffs voice is well beyond her years. There is a maturity depth and richness to her a voice that drives each note. With equal doses of blues and folk she finds a perfect spot in the genre of country music. But in truth her style and sound manages to lend itself to a much wider audience. Though some might consider her country-pop there is a soul to her work and words that feels leaps and bounds away from todays repetitive pop music. Christie Huff is an artist. Her voice and lyrics combined are reminiscent of the greats such as Joni Mitchell Linda Ronstadt or maybe even Dolly Parton. As I said Huff does not neatly fit into a particular category. The more I listened to Huffs music the more I found myself turning to my mothers old Linda Ronstadt records. Something about the depth and power of these two womens voices seemed to echo a similar desire to sing to express and to pull at an audiences heart - much more than many other musicians. There is ease to Huffs voice that implies she was indeed born to sing. Initially Huffs voice seems rather contradictory to her friendly light and bubbly personality. Raised mostly in Mesa Arizona Huff is the third child of Terry and Lisa Huff. Along with her three sisters Christie Huff enjoyed a simple and wholesome upbringing. Her parents were both exceptionally supportive from the start and nurtured each of their four daughters various gifts and talents. Throughout her early school years Huff struggled to keep up with her older sisters who excelled academically. As they excelled Christie struggled. After learning that she was dyslexic Huff searched for solace from the widening gap between herself and her schoolmates. As she watched her oldest sister excel and attend Duke University Huff took a hard look at her own talents and wondered where she could excel. She had a deep desire to be known as something other than the girl with a learning disability when music came into her life and quickly began to change her destiny. Finding confidence and acceptance through music Huff and others began to recognize her gifts as a musician and a songwriter. Now Huff looks at her learning disability as something that has helped her to excel rather than preventing her success. Dyslexia has kind of driven me in the direction of music and why I do it she now 11 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015