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2 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Ever Dreamt of Becoming a Pinup If you have ever dreamt of posing as a classic pinup of the 1950s a sultry vixen of the 1930s or 40s or a vamp of the 1920s then here is your chance Celeste Giuliano Photography is a full service studio where custom vintage styled portraits are the specialty. Over the last 6 years my team and I have transformed over 1000 everyday woman into sexy pinups We offer the best quality and most professional pinup photography available. Whether its your first time posing or you are a pro in front of the camera I can help you feel comfortable relaxed and confident as you are transformed into a classy pinup. All packages are completely customized to create unique images that reflect you or your loved ones personality and interests. The photos are a perfect gift for a birthday wedding anniversary or other special occasions. They are also a fun and unique way to document and celebrate milestone birthdays reaching weight loss goals pregnancy post pregnancy and new relationships. Plus they make you feel sexy and give you the opportunity to pamper yourself for a day 3 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 4 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 EDITOR IN CHIEF Alexis Nichols PUBLISHER Frank Monahan ART DIRECTOR Meredith Hancock DESIGNER Jenny Rielly ILLUSTRATOR Deborah FitzGerald PHOTOGRAPHERS Jeff Gottlieb Shaun Yen Photography ON THE COVER Model Abby Wathen Photographer Jeff Gottlieb MUAH Carissa Sanchez Conceptual Contributions Mandy Pauline credits ... 6 24 18 21 30Meet Actress Abby Wathen.............................. 6 My Story Acting Coach John Kirby........................14 Holistic Ways to Rev Up Your Sex Drive....................18 From Stereo to Reverb to Auto-Tune......................20 The Brilliance of Rod Serling The Twilight Zone ...........22 Tutorial Workout The Goblet Squat with Kettle Press........24 Life Lessons Brought to Us on The Big Screen..............26 Jokes................................................28 Flip Fan Page..........................................29 Sports Betting 101......................................30 m QA................................................32 5 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Meet Actress ABBYWATHENBY ALEXIS MONAHAN 6 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 FM Hello Abby. Thank you for sitting down with us today. Please tell us a bit about yourself. AW Hi. Youre welcome I am originally from Kentucky born in the small town of Morganfield and raised in Lexington. My roots are Kentucky West Virginia and Ohio. So basically I have heard every inbreed small town blonde joke there is I went to University of Kentucky for a year then dropped out and moved to New York City My parents will kill me that I admit that so easily I just knew that UK was not the right path and Lexington wasnt the right place for me. From a really young age I wanted to be in a big city. FM You moved out to Los Angeles to become an actress. What inspired you to chose acting as your career choice AW I actually moved to New York first it was closer to my family and I thought it would be the best place to land. I loved New York and was welcomed the universe really made me feel like I had made the right decision. My parents threw us into lots of different activities when my sister and I were young. I joined the Lexington Childrens Theater and the first time I was on stage I was hooked. I knew this is it. This is what I want to do. Always. I was 10. FM I understand that you have been nominated for a Best Actress award in one of your recent films Wedding Dress. That must be so exciting Can you tell us a bit about the movie and how you came to have a part in it AW Wedding Dress is about a woman in a very lonely marriage which I could totally relate too. I have been in that situation unfortunately and was really drawn to my character Rayanne. The director Haroula Rose is someone that I have known for a while and she actually presented me the script a couple of years ago but it wasnt until last summer that we shot. After she gave me the script I couldnt get it out of my head. I really really wanted to bring Rayanne to life.And because life mimics art so much and what I was going through in my personal life shooting this became a real healing process for me.And it is icing on the cake that my work in Wedding Dress has been honored by the Best Actress nomination and won awards in several film festivals. FM Is the award ceremony for your BestActress nomination coming up soon Is it something we can all watch AW The award ceremonies have already happened. I actually wasnt at the one where I won 7 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 8 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 FM You also have several other projects out there right now.One is the feature film Besetment where you play opposite the legendary Marlyn Mason. What was it like to work with such a legend of film AW Working with Marlyn Mason was like a dream. We would sit in a small hotel lobby with the cast and crew in Mitchell Oregon and Marlyn would just tell stories. She talked about working with Elvis Elizabeth Taylor Montgomery Clift Cary Grant and so so many other greats. It was wonderful to hear 9 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 how the biz worked back then. Before the TMZs and US Weeklies and the Internet when the arts were art. Her style of acting and openness to play was a dream. I loved working with Marlyn. It was such an honor. FM You have also been working on a passion project with 3 other very talented actors and producers. It is called Slay the Date and is a horror comedy that has been described as Bridesmaids meets Shaun of the Dead. It sounds amazing How did you get involved in this project AW Slay the Date came about after I had been cast in a feature for a shoot in San Fran. I worked my ass off for 14 long days and showed up on set day 14 and the entire cast and crew was immediately sent home. Thank God for my co-star Christina Ferraro and the 1st AD Alesandrio Serradella. Misery loves company so we bonded on that film and stayed in touch after. We were all at my house one afternoon doing an impromptu photoshoot and Christina brought along one of her friends Mercedes LeAnza whom I had learned had produced a couple of films. I have always wanted to produce my own material so I picked her brain and the 4 of us decided to just do it We brainstormed ideas and what works and what can be sold without a lot of money and big star names and came up with the story FM Are you planning on launching a crowd funding campaign to help fund the movie AW We are talking to a few private investors at10 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 10THINGS You Dont Know About Me 1. I love country music so much. 2. I live by the ocean but Im afraid to get in it. 3. I am a southern girl but I cant cook to save my life. 4. I always carry around a giant glass water bottle so I dont have to drink out of plastic. Its the little things that count right 5. I am a daddys girl. He lives in Kentucky but we talk all the time. Maybe 4 or 5 times a day. 6. I hate being late. In fact I am a strong believer that on time is late. Being on time stresses me out so you can only imagine what being late does 7. I am a Gemini After you meet me you can probably tell 8. I have two nieces and one nephew and I didnt know that you could love humans that much until they came into my life. 9. Im scared of the dark. I am trying to train myself to fall asleep without the TV on. 10. To stay in shape I Zumba Its so fun. I love to dance 11 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 this point and have some interest in a few production companies. Its been very well received and everyone loves the idea. We are thinking about crowd funding options also FM What is the behind-the-scenes process for you to audition and hire the actors who will star in Slay the Date AW Well between the 4 of us we have all worked with a great number of talented actors. We are pulling in favors cards all over the place. Its more important to us to have every character you meet in our movie to be talented. We would rather introduce a really really talented no name actor then fill it with names just to have names. I am so bored with that. I love movies where I discover new talent. I think its more interesting and it makes me feel like the producers and people behind the story still find good story telling important and not just who will fill seats. We are very excited about the actors attached and the offers that are out It will be a stellar cast FM You have certainly been keeping yourself busy Abby. Is there anywhere new fans can go to follow you and your upcoming projects AWYes please follow me on all the social media sites. You can find me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter - all just under Abby Wathen. Also is a great place to check out my work and who I am working with. 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 13 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 The fabric of John Kirbys life is woven into the history of the theater and Hollywood like no one else. Although there are countless acting teachers countless gurus and countless acting books no one has entered into the underbelly of the Los Angeles acting scene quite as seamlessly as Mr. Kirby. Raised primarily in the Hells Kitchen section of New York City Kirbys childhood was a rather magical existence. Born to successful theater and television actor Bruce Kirby and Lucille Garibaldi John Kirby and his older brother the late Bruno Kirby grew up surrounded by the legendary actors of the 1950s and 60s theater scene. The theater community in New York was and is still like none other. Its a community that is a living breathing inspiring generous family of artists with traits that perhaps are slightly different than those that exemplify the Hollywood acting community as the lure of fame engenders more of a competitive fire among its artists. There is a rootedness to the art the work and the artistry of acting in NewYork City and though the same rootedness does exist in Los Angeles it can be challenging to discover - that is until you enter into John Kirbys studio. The John Kirby Acting Studio is where one encounters an artists oasis in the midst of Hollywood just off the famous Sunset Blvd. When Kirbys students enter into his space they are met with a very different experience and a very different temperament than that of other Hollywood acting studios. For those that began their acting careers in New York City it is a home coming of sorts. For those who began their careers in Los Angeles it becomes a place to settle to root and to blossom. As a boy growing up during the British music invasion Kirby was able to soak in the theater and music scene in a time far more innocent than today. The family lived in an apartment building on 51st Street between Ninth Tenth Avenues. The particular apartment building was full of community and family similar to New York itself. On the top floor of the brownstone building lived Johns childhood friend the late Tom York whose Uncle worked at the New York Times throughout the night readying the paper for the next morning. Yorks Uncle Tony generously allowed the children that populated the building to spend hours after school in his empty apartment doing homework playing and daydreaming of becoming one of the artists they admired so much. Between school work and daydreams the students would scurry out in excited wonder and into the New York City entertainment scene that was just steps away whenever they heard rumors of famous musicians nearby. The precocious John Kirby was known to talk his way into hotel rooms in order to hang with the bands and musicians themselves. A buffet of art music and culture were just footsteps away and at his fingertips. During the school year the Kirby home was filled with artists and actors including George Segal Peter Falk George Peppard Renee Taylor and countless others. The young Kirby intently observed his father and his fathers group of friends a bevy of up-and-coming actors and fellow classmates as Bruce Kirby was on scholarship with the legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg. As they chatted laughed and sang the young actors feasted on Mrs. Kirbys Italian cooking. During the mid-sixties My Story Acting Coach John Kirby By Susannah C. Hicks Bruce Kirby with his kids John Bruno with their godmother the legendary Kaye Ballard. 14 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 the theater community in New York City coined Kirbys mother Lulu-Sauce-Maker-to-the-Stars. Lucille Garibaldis Italian cooking in particular her lasagna was known to travel by taxi from the familys apartment on 51st Street uptown downtown and across town where people such as musical theater television actress Kaye Ballard and her guests would be waiting to devour it at dinner parties and family gatherings. Perhaps for Kirby the best way to describe this introduction into the world of acting and theater can be described in one word - family. Family indeed was the theme of his young life. During the summers the family as a whole would travel doing shows in the summer stock circuit often having the opportunity to perform together. Acting was the family business. Countless evenings of Kirbys formative years were spent gluing his fathers resumes to newly printed headshots sitting through acting classes or Broadway shows and soaking in what it is to be an artist. As a young boy he saw the journey of what it is to be an actor the winning the losing and the reality that long desolate seasons of artistic drought can be lifted fulfillment can come and jobs can be booked. The transition to Hollywood was a turning point that happened rather quickly. Bruce Kirby received a call from family friends Tony winner Alice Ghostley and her husband actor Felice Orlandi informing him that they were lovingly giving him four days to come to Hollywood. Kirby was raised calling the pair Aunt and Uncle as they were indeed much more like family than friends and they could certainly be trusted. With the news that an apartment had been found the Kirby family wasted no time making their way to Hollywood. On his first day in town the 15-year-old John Kirby was walking down Hollywood Boulevard with this brother Bruno. As he passed Hollywood High School he thought to himself I better see when school starts. As it turned out it happened to be the first day of school that very day and within just a few moments he found himself in class. Kirby had followed his fathers footsteps into acting and though Kirby worked steadily as a child teen actor in New York Kirbys gift for acting continued to grow at Hollywood High under the tutelage of drama teacher Addison Meyers. While in high school Kirby was discovered by a talent agent and began working as an actor in Los Angeles. During his time at Hollywood High his gift for illuminating other artists talents began to draw attention. This was perhaps the first inkling of Kirbys incredible ability to see story and character arch as well as his uncanny gift to envision and help others deliver a complex performance full of tone depth and emotion - the essence of what it is it to be human. His brilliance allows him to pull out award-worthy performances from the most unskilled actors simply by illuminating their own humanity and seeing their hurt hopes joys and wounds which he gently then parallels to the characters they play. Whereas many acting teachers choose to tear down Kirby instead pulls out the beauty and individuality of an actor by seeing each as a uniquely gifted human being helping them to recognize and discover the beauty within themselves. As Kirby began coaching in high school he was still in the midst of his own acting career and traveled back and forth from LosAngeles to NewYork to work and coach. When in NewYork he was able to sit in and observe the famed Uta Hagen author of Photo of John Kirby taken by Jeff Bridges while on the set of Stick it. John Kirby in a private coaching session with Carmon Diaz. John Kirby on location in South Africa. John Kirby with Hector Elizondo on Max Me. 15 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Susannah C. Hicks is a Los Angeles based writer. Hicks has written for numerous entertainment and non-profit companies including In 2014 Hickshour-long teleplay The Summers Sisters was filmed on location in Charlotte North Carolina. Currently Hicks is working to complete her first full length play Trite and has several other pilots and a book of essays in development. Respect for Acting a book that revolutionized acting for so many and what is largely considered to be the greatest book on acting ever written. Kirbys own private acting coach was none-other than the fantastic Mira Rostova. Both Hagen and Rostova shaped his natural talent for coaching and acting and greatly deepened his understanding of the psychology of being human. Specifically Kirby and Rostovas connection and respect for one anothers work was rich deep and genuine in a way that only other artists can truly understand. Kirbys relationship and observation of how Rostova worked alongside her actors for decades at a time shaped the longevity of Kirbys relationships with his own actors. Rostovas decades-long and very close artistic relationship with Montgomery Clift closely parallels Kirbys relationship with Jim Caviezal whom Kirby has coached for decades and since the very beginnings of Caviezals career. Rostova was responsible for illuminating Kirbys understanding of what it is to be human in all its beauty and complexities his understanding of story and his inspiring style of teaching through gentleness which furthered his own brilliance and has ensured his longevity as a coach. While Kirby was producing plays and coaching many of his private clients began begging him to start a group class a la the scene study classes that were popular in New York. Since Kirby had a track record of bringing out the best in artists and helping them book jobs it seemed that Kirby had been the missing ingredient of many of their careers. The beginnings of Kirbys acting studio The John Kirby Studio began quite organically as it was a rather natural progression. Kirby had found himself as theArtistic director of the Cast Theater in Los Angeles while he was producing and coaching private clients on his own. For over 25 years Kirbys acting studio called simple The John Kirby Studio has consistently been one of the most successful acting studios in the country. This success and longevity comes in spite of the fact that he has never advertised and has no plans to do so. His students and actors come from managers agents casting directors and industry professionals. Affectionately coined the actors guardian angel Kirby has coached and worked with hundreds of actors and Hollywood heavy weights throughout his decades in the industry including Michiel Huisman star of the highly anticipated film Age of Adeline Jeff Bridges Winona Judd Cameron Diaz Judith Light Simon Fuller Alison Stoner Jordan Sparks and Val Chmerkovisky from Dancing With The Stars the cast of Tyler Perrys Medea On the Run along with countless others. Kirby has traveled around the globe from New Zealand and Australia to the United Kingdom Ireland and Japan while working on dozens of films mini-series and television shows including The Count of Monte Cristo Frequency Peter Pan Scream 4 Stick It Narnia Deja Vu and the upcoming film Beyond the Mask. His work with directors and writers has run the gamut from pouring over script changes at table reads to shot selections in editing bays. Hes been hired to direct numerous projects as well as producing theater in both Los Angeles and New York. Today one cannot watch a television show without catching the performance of one of Kirbys students. From 10 AM until 7 PM each day he works with actors prepping for auditions dissecting roles pouring over plays to pass on to his students or working with writers and directors on scripts. However by 7 PM his studio is filled with artists and actors who are as dedicated to him as he is to them. He is a shepherd of sorts and has guided hundreds of careers. Many of his students even his most famous ones have studied under Kirby for decades. Ive had the opportunity to watch Mr. Kirby and closely work with him on numerous occasions and on numerous projects and indeed there is something magical about the man. To work with John Kirby is to be family. As I prepared for this article I was able to speak with several of his students and the sentiments seemed to be similar something about working with John Kirby not only changes your art and your acting - but it changes the individual...what takes place in those walls of his studio cant completely be described in words - it is far more transforming. John Kirby is more dedicated to his actors their hearts and their work than anyone I have ever experienced. His attention to them and to their work goes far deeper than acting. He connects to the soul of the artist and with grace tenderness and with his acute skill and brilliance he draws out what it is to be human what it is to be authentic and what it is to live in the imaginary. Jeff Bridges John on Disneys Stick It. Jim Caviezel John on the set of AMCs The Prisoner in South Africa. 16 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 17 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Melody Jones is a lupus survivor turned entrepreneur blogger and organic brand consultant. After being diagnosed with Lupus at 17 she set her sights on educating herself and finding the best way to cope with the disease. What she found was more than a way to cope but a way to thrive and live happily. Through her holistic lifestyle changes that included juicing and making cleansing and detoxing a part of her permanent lifestyle she has found a passion for educating others on finding their own way to living a healthy and happy life. She teaches her clients the art of creating their own authentic diet and lifestyle. Her custom juice cleanses and meal plans are in high demand and she takes joy in helping people expand their personal connection with themselves and what they choose to put in their bodies. To learn more about Melody and her work check out her website at Good Sex. Its up there with good food and good sleep on the list of the best things in life we can experience. But is your diet affecting your performance Could your diet be hindering you from experiencing mind-blowing sex and at the same time keeping you from performing at a level that will please your partner as well The answer is absolutely YES. Our diets affect our energy levels and of course our sex drive. Check out our top 6 snacks that you can add into your diet to rev up your sex drive. The best thing about these snacks is they dont have the side effects of Viagra so theres no need to have an ambulance on stand by These snacks are holistic so they will not only enhance your performance but also your appearance. Nuts Almonds cashews pecans oh my These tasty treats will provide you with zinc which is imperative to keep your sexual performance high. They also provide you with the energy you need to prolong your next steamy session. Avocado Avocados are high in vitamin B6 which helps to increase male hormone production. In fact rumor has it they are so effective that Spanish priests forbid their congregations from eating them So get ready for a night you wont forget Pineapple Slices Pineapples are high in the male libido-enhancing enzyme bromelain. Not only does bromelain enhance your sex drive it also enhances your immune system. Holistic Ways to Rev up Your Sex Drive Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate contains enzymes that stimulate romantic feelings. It also makes you feel happy and excited which is probably why it is an age-old tradition to gift the one you love with this magical treat. It also naturally contains caffeine so it gives you energy to finish strong. Berries Strawberries and blueberries in particular are super fruits. They are high in vitamin C which is important for your brain. They help sustain your memory and neurotransmitters which are important for remaining in the moment and connecting with your partner. They also enhance the womans experience so dont be afraid to feed them to your partner too Celery Now this tip may have you munching on celery all day. Celery contains androsterone which is an odorless hormone. This hormone acts as a pheromone to attract women and also turns them on. It releases as you sweat so it creates quite an experience for your partner. Celery also helps to dilate your blood vessels so get ready for the climax of your life Hope you enjoy all of these powerful snacks in more ways than one. Cheers to Nights we wont ever forget By Melody Jones 18 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 19 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 BY FELICE LAZAE I t all began with the first pho- nograph. In 1877 the kids werent listening to their fa- vorite tunes sung by their favor- ite artistson repeat whenever and wherever they wanted. No they had to either play their favoritesongs on their preferred instru- mentor for non-players they had to wait forsomeone more musically gifted to grace them with a song. But that was the year that everything changed when Thom- as Edison invented the first phonograph that could re- cord and reproduce sound. This one invention changed human culture forever. There would be no fandom like Beatle mania or Beliebers without the easy access to sound recordings to become a super fan. The entertain- ment industry wouldnt be the huge marketplace it is without sound. So how has the technology of sound af- fected the different eras of music over the years In the beginning there wasnt as much flexibility when recording music. A band had to go in and record everything all at one time and it had to be perfect the first time otherwise you had to start all over again. And then something magical happened - overdubbing also known as sound on sound in the early days. Overdubbing is the process of recording one performance and then allowing a performer to record another performance along with the already existing recording. One of the most legendary and early innovators in overdubbing was Les Paul also known for a very cool series of guitars. He started experimenting with overdubbing in the 1930s and paved the way for modern recording. From Stereo to Reverb to Auto-tuneAdvances in Music Technology Its Effect on the Sound of Every Generation 20 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Now this change in music didnt come about without a little bit of pushback. In 1941 some music snobs a.k.a. The American Federation of Musicians protested a famous overdubbed recording by Sydney Bechet where he played all six instruments on the recording. It was known asSidney Bechets One Man Band and it was protested because it wasnt considered true musicianship since the music wasnt recorded in one take. This event put a hold on the progression of overdubbing technology for many years but you cant hold back progress for long. Today the standard practice for recording popular music is basically the same as it has been since the 1960s which is heavily dependent on overdubbing by recording the rhythm section first usually drums and bass and then recording any solo instruments like piano guitar andor vocals. None of the popular recordings we hear today would be possible without this technology and especially one man bands like Moby Nine Inch Nails aka Trent Reznor or David Guetta would never be able to create their artistic visions without overdubbing. Another nifty recording advancement that revolutionized music forever is multi-track recording. And again Les Pauls name pops up when we talk about this because he was a genius and really this article should be called How Les Paul Advanced Music Technology. Period.. But seriously Les Paul had a HUGE influence on multi-track recording. He didnt invent it but he definitely helped develop it along with other multi-track pioneers like visionary engineer Tom Dowd and prolific record producer Phil Spektor. These great music minds found all sorts of ways to utilize multi-track recording but the most noticeable change this technology brought about was the introduction of stereo into music recordings. This totally changed the game. Stereo allowed productions to sound bigger utilizing techniques like what Phil Spektor called his Wall of Sound and also started experimentation with moving instruments from left to right in the stereo spectrum also known as panning. Ever wonder why you can hear a vocal or guitar part strangely panned and jumping around from left right or center on your favorite artists old albums like the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix Those were the trippy experimental beginnings of panning. It was the new hot technology of the time and those engineers and producers were going to use it to their little musical hearts content. The 70s and 80s welcomed new explorations in atmospheric sound. The development of smaller portable synthesizers by pioneers like Bob Moog in the 60s set the stage to bring completely new elements and timbres to musical arrangements in the years to come. Music transformed again in 1976 when the EMT 250 the first digital reverb on the planet hit the market. It cost a whopping 15000 and was quickly replaced by the Lexicon 224 which was a fraction of the price causing it to become the studio reverb staple of its time. This led to many new trends in popular music like the cavernous sounding drums on 80s pop records by artists like Phil Collins and the never ending snare sound on records from artists like Prince. All of the slick production of 80s pop was sharply contrasted by the growing popularity of garage rock bands. They used new cassette technology such as the Tascams four-track Portastudio to record on their own creating a lo- fi sound which is a lower quality sound usually achieved by either degrading the recorded audio on purpose or by necessity through use of cheaper recording equipment. This lo-fi sound continued to grow with major popularity in the 90s with the start of the grunge revolution started by the release of Nirvanas album Nevermind in 1991. After all of the raw emotion of the 90s the onset of the new millennium began the fixation on vocal perfection with a fun new toy called auto-tune. Truthfully auto-tune wasnt really a new toy. It was used in the 90s sparingly for vocal correction and was completely exploited in Chers famous auto-tune riddled hit Believe but it was abused to perfection by T-Pain in the early 2000s and started a musical trend so infectious that were only now starting to feel the auto-tune hangover thank goodness So whats next for music It feels like weve done it all and with the onset of massively successful artists like Amy Winehouse Adele and Sam Smith in recent years it feels like were nodding to the past and getting back to the basics and it feels good. ________________________________________________ Felice LaZae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. Her lyric driven music is a mix of bluesy rock with a good dose of soul. To check out and download her new Give It Away EP go to her website 21 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 The Twilight Zone lies between the pit of mans fears and the summit of his knowledge. The show was intelligent. It examined the mysterious and unknown. Its creator Rod Serling made a show that was more than just thought provoking it probed social psychological and historical aspects layered with the dark recesses of humanity. I remember being captivated by the first few episodes I ever watched as a kid but Ill get to those in a few paragraphs. I felt fear and surprise but the show was a catalyst for me to begin questioning the certainty of our world. In 1951 Rod Serling sat in a diner with his wife to make an important decision. He decided to give up the security of his job working at a television station doing commercial testimonials that he called a particular dreamless occupationRod Serling. Serling was fed up with rampant censorship in television. It is easy for us these days to forget how heavy handed censorship was 60 years ago. Often times writers would want to make a social comment however the censors would change it so much the end product would be watered down. When a writer writes something he believes in he battles with censorshipRod Serling. The Twilight Zone afforded Rod Serling the ability to be a producer and a writer. Plus as narrator his deep and articulate voice added a serious tone to the show. Serling was able to strike a good balance with sponsors and show content. The show was intelligent and layered with dark elements. Its very adult high quality half hour extremely polished films.Rod Serling. He was free to create the type of show he wanted. Writers like any other artists comment on aspects of our society. A writer must understand hisher medium to do the most with it. The Twilight Zone had a profound influence on me. It shaped my style as a writer. I picked the first four episodes I ever saw. Two of them are classic episodes. The other two are not as well known. However I picked these four because they express the versatility of the show. In Eye of the Beholder a womans face is bandaged as she lies in a hospital room. We discover she has a facial deformity. In this reality not looking like others is a crime. We never see the doctors or nurses faces. When we finally do see all the faces she is beautiful and everyone else has ugly pig faces. It is reality where beauty is ugly and ugly is beauty. This is one of the most well known episodes. What is the message Our aesthetic point of views about beauty and ugliness are truly relative. It is true now or a hundred years from now. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In Time Enough at Last a bookish and introverted man played by great Burgess Meredith is constantly ridiculed for reading. He seeks refuge in the vault at the banks where he works. Then nuclear war breaks out. He is left alone and realizes he can spend the rest of his days reading every book he wants. At the last minute he trips and breaks his glasses. I never felt this one had a deep message. It is simply good story telling with a cruel twist at the end. The Twilight Zone became known for that long before any other show. In The Howling Man a man seeks shelter during a storm at a monastery. After entering he encounters a howling man being held captive. He claims the head monk is a crazed religious fanatic. The monk claims it is the devil in the cell. The devil the monk explains came to the peaceful town nearby to corrupt it. He captured him and holds him in the cell with the staff of truth. The one barrier the devil cannot pass. The man skeptical releases him. It turns out it is the devil who promptly escapes. The man realizes he was deceived. What is the message The devils greatest trick was convincing the world he does not exist. The episode ends with Rod Serling reiterating the old adage You can catch the devil but cannot hold him long. In The Monsters Are Due on Maple Drive residents one afternoon see an object fly through the sky. That night all power radio etc. goes out. While everyone struggles to understand what is occurring lights come on in one house then go off. Then come on in another. One car starts stops and then another etc. Soon tiny judgments become accusations which lead to paranoia. Neighbor violently turns on neighbor. I did not go into too much detail about this one. I did not want to ruin it. You owe it to yourself to watch this episode. However the message of this one is clear. Underneath all our civility and technology we are still dangerous animals. Drama by its very definition should make a commentRod Serling. Rod Serling was a unique writer who pioneered intelligent television. The Twilight Zone was insightful and thought provoking. It was truly of shadow and substance. I am sure it will inspire and influence writers for many years to come. I have always believed you should write what you know My passions and fascinations include history philosophy mythology and psychology. I love to people watch. I get many ideas that way. I am an avid science fiction fan. Science fiction is based in our imagination our imagination propels humanity forward in all our endeavors. -Lewis Stockham BY LEWIS STOCKHAM 22 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 23 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 W hen it comes to leg day a lot of men will skip out on the torture. Especially when it means deep squatting in front of any girl that can out squat them in sets reps and even weights. Women love the lower body exercise however often neglect working out their upper body in fear of getting too bulky. Well there is definitely an answer to both of these situations and it only requires a kettle bell. The goblet squat to kettle bell press is one of the most function-oriented exercises. It combines a strength-building squat with the benefits of an overhead press. This exercise primarily incorporates your legs and shoulders throughout the movement and is best used towards the beginning of your leg workouts or during a shoulder workout to maximize results. By Fitness Trainer Ricardo Zarate Photography by Shaun Yen Tutorial Time Workout TheGobletSquatwithKettlePress 1 2 24 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 The goblet squat to kettle bell press has 4 movements and requires a kettle bell. 3 4 1. Squat with the kettle bell in front of your chest. 2. Get back up to standing position. 3. Do an overhead press using the kettle bell. 4. Bring the kettle back to starting position and repeat. 25 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies. Learned from Shawshenk Redemption In Shawshenk Andy suffered years of prison for a crime he didnt commit spoiler alert. Day in and day out he spent most of his life serving a crime someone else did. So what got him through Hope. Hope is the only thing that can combat self-pity fear and even that all-consuming sense of doom we get when we reach an all-time low. The truth is that nothing is certain. No one knows exactly what is going to happen in the next five minutes let alone tomorrow or the day after or months from now. You never know what can happen or how events can unfold. Hold on to that hope. Life Lessons Brought To Us On The Big Screen By Emily Messina Well youre definitely crazy. But so is everyone right So who cares Learned from Forgetting Sarah Marshall I think that any right-minded adult can agree that if youre not a little crazy something is off. Cookie-cutter normal people only exist in movies everyone has a little bit of crazy lurking within. Sometimes its closer to the surface and sometimes its deeper inside but either way the crazy is there. Be weird. Aint no thing like me cept me. Learned from Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket was scientifically modified so he actually is literally one of a kind. We as humans are all different theres no single person on the earth that shares your exact make-up so we should celebrate Thats individuality at its finest. The next time youre feeling inadequate or as if you arent good enough or as good as someone else just remember there is absolutely no one on this earth like you. Be proud to be you. 26 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 You dont know about real loss cause that only occurs when you love something more than you love yourself. Learned from Good Will Hunting This is one of the most painful yet honest lessons we can learn. The truth is that true loss true heartbreak only happens when you love someone more than you love yourself. This is because if you love yourself more than the other person when you lose them you still have your own self-love to fall back on. But when you relinquish yourself and let yourself be vulnerable to the point where the other persons well being is more important to you than your own youve truly suffered loss. But is this a bad thing Humans are able to feel. And the feeling of loss or hurt are just as important as feeling love. If you dont allow yourself to feel pain youll never truly feel love either. Its a gamble. But its worth it. Be vulnerable. Oh yes the past can hurt. But from the way I see it you can either run from it or learn from it. Learned From The Lion King Sometimes the thought of dealing with our problems our emotions our inner demons or whatever we have plaguing us is overwhelming. Because we dont want to deal with said issues we avoid them at all costs. We go to great lengths to pretend theyre not there or that we arent feeling a certain way. But at what cost Those issues are like weeds. The longer you go without digging them up the worse theyre going to get. You can either deal with them at present or you can run from them.And if you run from them they dont disappear. They multiply. When you face your past head-on and dont run from it youre forcing yourself to learn from whatever mistakes you might have made. The only way you can grow from said mistakes is to acknowledge you made them and learn from them. Face your past. We accept the love we think we deserve. Learned from The Perks of Being a Wallflower This couldnt be truer. If you think you deserve a man or woman who treats you well then you will settle for nothing less. On the other hand if you deep inside think you dont deserve someone who treats you with respect then that is what youll attract for yourself. Know your worth. ________________________________________________ Emily Messina is a Script Coordinator by brain Writer by heart. Originally from Carlisle PA she graduated from Ohio State University in 2009 and has been writing and editing in Los Angeles ever since. 27 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 A man walked in to a bar after a long day at work. As he began to drink his beer he heard a voice say seductively Youve got great hair The man looked around but couldnt see where the voice was coming from so he went back to his beer. A minute later he heard the same soft voice say Youre a handsome man The man looked around but still couldnt see where the voice was coming from. When he went back to his beer the voice said again What a stud you are The man was so baffled by this that he asked the bartender what was going on. The bartender said Oh its the nuts--theyre complimentary. Knock Knock Whos there Heidi Heidi who Heidi-clare war on you If a redhead goes crazy is it called Ginger Snaps When Cats Are Sad A Bartender Whatll ya have Cat Shot of run. Bartender pours it Cat slowly pushes it off the bar Cat Another. A blonde woman was speeding down the road in her little red sports car and was pulled over by a woman police officer who was also blonde. The blonde cop asked to see the blonde drivers license. She dug through her purse and was getting progressively more agitated. What does it look like she finally asked. The policewoman replied Its square and it has your picture in it. The driver finally found a square mirror in her purse looked at it and handed it to the policewoman. Here it is she said. The blonde office looked at the mirror then handed it back saying OK you can go. I didnt realize you were a cop 28 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Why do Men Love Women in Heels We asked our Facebook fanpage subscribers for their thoughts on why men love women in heels. We know they look great but why else are we so attracted to them Some of the responses from our fans surprised us and we are so glad they took the time to share their insight. Thanks to everyone that contributed and be on the lookout for more interesting questions and responses on our fanpage at www.facebook.comtheflipmagazine. Jack Levin It is something in our DNA. Also it visually elongates the leg which is sexy too. Bob Bullard Ummmm it changes their entire posture ... And then theres the bedroom fetish aspect. Anonymous Men love women because they have to. We wouldnt have kids if not. It is seriously a desire we are born with to keep up the human race. Branden Randall The appearance of long slender legs. Anonymous Heels accentuate beauty and elegance. Shaun Yen it creates an elegant finish to the leg line. Not to mention fantastic calf shaping. Anonymous Butt legs. Vince Wolff Heels extend the lengths of the legs which makes the woman look taller and more slender. They also tighten up the butt muscles which makes it look firmer and more round. And the art of walking in heels is sexier. Sorry notes from a pinup artist Anonymous Wearing heels forces you to have better posture. If it didnt women would fall over in them To me good posture says shes confident and knows what shes doing-thats what makes them sexy. 29 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 First off dont ever call that number as itll probably result in telemarketing on your phone line for the next 20 years. But does this sound all too familiar Enough with the lame sports phone lines to call for betting help. FLiP Magazine is here to the rescue People have been trying to get an edge on sports betting and sports books for years and years. It is an ageless practice. Where theres a bet or a game there is always somebody trying to get an edge and the best odds possible. Here at FLiP weve sent out our crack research team of one to investigate and come up with some easytipsandhintsforwhatsportsandcircumstances to best place your hard-earned money onand weve failed horribly. In the meantime here are a few tried and true tips that my friends and I have painfully discovered over the years. by Jay Schuster Sports Betting 101 1. Never Bet with Your Heart I cant begin to tell you the agony and heartache of betting against your own teams when you find the spread is too good not to bet the opponent. You start mumbling terms to yourself like jinx traitor and shock therapy which all seem relative at the time. But you must stay the course Never bet with your heart no matter how much painonly bet with your brain. Example I love the Celtics as anyone who reads these articles probably knows at this point. I foolishlybetthemtowinGame3oftheChampionship Game in 2008 when they eventually won it all. It was the first game back in Los Angeles after beating the Lakers twice in Boston. The spread was Lakers -2 meaning LA had to only win by 2 points or more at the time. My brain knew that betting them was a poor choice as the Lakers had a great team also Do you like hitting big on Sundays Do you like stacks of cash bulging out of your wallet Well of course you do Call me now at 1-800-FLI-PMAG Im Jay Schuster I went 8-1 on NFL picks last week I am giving you my Blue Chip Lock Pick of the Week free today 30 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 An unabashed Celtics fan Jay Schuster is Boston bred and raised and currently resides just north of the city. He is a Proposal Manager for a large company in downtown Boston and graduated from Salem State College in Salem MA. In his free time Jay loves playing and watching sports surprise surprise weightlifting and getting clobbered in both Monopoly and Clue by his daughter. Follow Jay on Twitter JayShoe78. that year and home court advantage is enormous in pro basketball. My heart refused to let my brain have final say and I lost 100. Ok Im aggravated even thinking about this. On to number 2 2. Three Team NFL Tease Alot of people do typically take one team bets. You either win or lose on that one game. While it seems like a good idea sometimes to take the one game as opposed to a three team tease which is a bet where all teams need to cover the spread to win but you gain 10 points on each game this type of bet will help maximize your winning percentages. Consider taking three games which all have an 8-12 point or higher spread and push the favorites down 10 each. Obviously part of it depends upon what kind of point spread a particular website or betting engineer you go through is giving on that particular day but they are very good and safe bets. Going the opposite way by giving the same 8-12 point underdogs more points does not typically yield results nearly as good. If a good team is playing either at home or on the road and their spread is 8 to 12 points my advice is to take it every time. Examplehypothetical New England on the road vs. a crummy Oakland team. The spread is -11 for the Pats. Denver is at home against good but not great Cincinnati. The spread is Denver -9. Indianapolis is at home against a weak New Orleans team this upcoming season. The spread is Indy -8. Put all of the favorites into a 3-team tease bet. This forces all of the spreads down by 10 each. So now New England is only giving a point to Oakland Denver is now getting a point and Indy is getting 2 points. All those teams have to do is win those very winnable games and you clean up 3. The Rob Shoe Theory Named after my brother and one of the best NFLNBA gamblers Ive ever had the pleasure of watching live in action. His theory is simple and one of the best tips you will ever receive. If the spread or overunder OU on a game is ridiculously high or low take it even though it is ridiculous. Some examples 2014-15 NBA All-Star Game. Id like to preface this by saying I realize that the NBA all-star game is always an offensive affair. The players hardly play any defensemostly running the bullfighter Ole defense. So I fully realize that these games are super-high scoring. With that said the OU on that game was absurd. My brother asked me what the numbers were. I told him it was totally insane at 289. He said that was ridiculous as well. Since we both thought that was a foolishly high overunder the only thing left we could do was employ The Rob Shoe Theory and bet the over. We ended up winning. In 2012 I was stunned to see that Oklahoma State was favored by 67 points over Savannah State in college FB. I called one of my friends to tell him how insane that was and we both agreed it fell into the Rob Shoe theory of utter craziness. Sure enough Oklahoma State won 84-0 and easily covered that ridiculous spread. 31 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 QA Q My girlfriend wants to take a weekend away but I just cant afford that right now.Any suggestions to help me put cash aside for a surprise weekend later this summer A. This summer That isnt a lot of time to save but there are a few things you can do Stop dinning out or grabbing fast food and eat at home. Skip the 5 latte every morning and make your coffee at home. Car pool use public transportation or bicycle to save on gas. Save on groceries plan before you shop seek out sales and use coupons. Save by staying in and watching a movie on TV instead of going out to the movie theater. Ask your bank if they have a short-term savings account. Then you can put all of the money you are saving on food transportation and entertainment in there until your getaway weekend. The hardest part is to be disciplined enough to cut back on your spending and to actually put it aside but it can be done. I wish you luck Q Im worried Im not lasting long enough inthebedroom.Mygirlfriendseemstoreally enjoy what Im doing but I dont know if its enough. Anything I can do A. First things first communicate and ask her. Interestingly enough the best time to talk about it is right after sex. When women orgasm the hormone oxytocin also known as the love hormone floods their bodies making pillow talk easier. As far as something you can do Learn about your PC muscle the pubococcygeus. Its job is to release semen during your ejaculation. If you can relax this muscle during sex youll last longer because with this muscle relaxed it is impossible to ejaculate. Do some research on male kegel exercises itll take about a month before you see results. More than anything Laci Paige author of the Silken Edge Series enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband support their children on the soccer pitch and off. Laci enjoys the outdoors travel and of course reading and writing and chocolate. Their family lives in Hampton Roads Virginia where Lacis adult muse wakes up late at night. Follow Laci on facebook at www.facebook.comauthorlacipaige and twitter at twitter.comlaci_paige. By Laci Paige 32 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 33 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 The Power of the Feminine In Tantric philosophy the feminine manifests as pure energy and is the force that connects us all. The feminine has an inherent understanding that all of life is interconnected and all-inclusive. The feminine is playful and delights in a constant flow of movement. It draws its energy from the Earth and culminates in the heart center. The feminine is receptive and finds ecstasy in surrender. The Power of the Masculine In Tantra the masculine is known as pure consciousness that which distinguishes us from the world around us. The masculine organizes life and existence into categories of understanding creating separation so that each aspect of life has its place and meaning. The masculine is disciplined steady and ordered. It is the constant center around which all of existence flows. The masculine draws its energy from the cosmos and finds its center in the sacrum or reproductive organs. The masculine is active and finds ecstasy through manifestation. Balancing the Masculine and Feminine The human energy system is just like a battery with positive and negative poles. A womans positive pole rests at her heart and her negative pole at the genitals. For men these energies are reversed with the negative pole resting at his heart center and the positive pole at the genitals. Therefore there is some truth to the belief that men lead with this particular part of their anatomy and women from the heart given that energetically speaking that is indeed where you will typically find a more powerful charge. It also explains why when joined in harmonious union the energy between men and women can be electric. However societal conditioning has caused us in many ways to disconnect from our energetic centers to the point that finding this natural attunement can be difficult. Some women have been so wounded that they cut themselves off from their heart centers and choose to penetrate life rather than open to it joyfully. Likewise men have been taught that to be truly connected to their sex organs is wrong or shameful and so they become desensitized or too submissive. It is up to us to honor these blockages in one another and open to the possibility that as woman or man we may hold the key to unlocking the door to our own and our partners deepest bliss. Tantra as a practice offers various breath-work and meditation techniques geared towards harnessing sensual energy to clear these blockages and align the chakras or energy centers so they can flow more freely. There are several good resources out there that offer instruction on such practices including Tantric Love by Ma Anananda Sarita and Swami Anand Geho. Oshos The Book of Secrets is considered by many Tantric practitioners to be the premier book on Tantric philosophy of our time. Whether practiced alone or with a partner it is important to remember that honest communication and authentic connection first with self and then with another are the most important tools to carry along on your Tantric journey. Hannah Borababy lives in Asheville NC where she studies yoga and nutrition helps facilitate trainings and workshops at Tantric Retreat and is hard at work on her first novel. To contact her email Tantra TheNewFrontier ByHannahBorababy A lthoughweintheWesternworldconsiderourselvestobelivingina sexuallyliberatedsocietywearereallyjustbeginningtoemergefrom centuriesofrepression.Manyreligionsandmeditativetraditions havecustomarilyrequiredthatinitiatesrefrainfromsensual practicessincetherewaswidespreadfearthatsuchexperienceswould distractdisciplesfromtheirspiritualresponsibilities.Thesecultural influencestaughtusthatashuman-beingsweshoulddenytheanimal driveswithinourselvesandstrivetoriseabovethetemptationsofour primalnatures.Someofusevengrewupbelievingthatwhatisdown thereisbaddirtyorshamefulratherthananaturalpartofour humananatomyandexperience.Theseinfluencesremnantsofa puritanicalsocietyarestillpresentinourculturetoday.Education intheartofsexualityislimitedalmostexclusivelyfocusedonthe physicalandtragicallylackingadepthofunderstandingastothe valueofaprofoundlynurturingsexualrelationship.Asaresultwe areconsistentlyreceivingmixedmessagesthatmakehavingatruly liberatedsexlifedifficulttothepointthatweallseemtostruggle withfeelingsofdisconnectandthedesirefortruefulfillment. Anotherbyproductofthishistoryofoppressionisthatancient practiceslikeTantrawhichcelebratetheunionofmindbodyandspirit havebeenpushedintotheshadowsormisinterpretedsoastofocusalmost exclusivelyoneroticcomponents.WhiletodayweoftenhearTantraand automaticallythinkTantricsexthetruepathofTantraislessabouthaving adventurousandexoticintercoursethanitisaboutembracingeveryaspectof humanexperienceassacredandnecessary.Tantraisnotareligionitisanapproach tolifeandanattitudetowardsliving.Tantraasksustocelebratebeingaliveinthis worldinthisbodyatthistimeinspace.Itasksustoconnectwithourselveswithothers withnatureandourexperienceofdailylifesothateachmomentcanbelivedinecstasy. EmbracingDuality Tantrateachesusthatsexualitysufferingandeventhedarksideofexistencearenotactuallybadbutratherthat alloflifeisaharmoniousbalancewhereinopposingforcesworktogethertocreateawholeandvibranttapestry. Tantramaintainsthattheworldandallofnatureincludinghumannaturecontainsaperfectpartnershipofboth feminineandmasculineenergy.Theseenergiesarenotonlycomplimentarybutofequalimportanceandweall containauniquecombinationofboth.Byunderstandingthedanceofthemasculineandfemininewithinourselves andtheworldarounduswearebetterabletoenterintoaprofoundrelationshipwithourtruenatureandtherefore findgreaterempowermentinourinteractionswithothersandwithlifeitself. Tantra TheNewFrontier ByHannahBorababy 30 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Youvejustputthefinishingtouchesonyourbook... fictionnon-fictionorchildrensbookandnowyouwanttobepublished. AtRocketScienceProductionswellpersonallyhelpyouthroughthemaze... givingyourworktheattentionitdeservesandgivingyou fullcontrolofthepublishingprocessandprofits. ToarrangeforaFREEpersonalconsultation LLC 29 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 Brunchisagreatwaytostart theweekend.Itsusuallyserved between9AMto2PMbutwe caneatthisalldaylong. Forthisdeliciousbrunchweusedagoodquality loafofbreadDublinercheeseProsciuttohome madenutbutterandbananas. Banananutbuttertoast Ingredients 1sliceofgoodqualitybreadtoasted 1banana Nutbutterweusedcashewalmondnutbutter Cinnamon Directions Toastthesliceofbread.Spreadthenutbutterslice bananaandputitontopofthetoastedbread.Sprinkle cinnamontofinish. EggProsciuttosandwich Ingredients 1thicksliceofgoodqualitybread 1egg 1sliceofProsciutto 1sliceofDublinercheeseoryourchoiceofcheese Afewleavesoffreshspinach Directions Cutasquareoutofthebread. Washandchopthespinach. Inabowlbeattheeggandaddthespinach. Onalowtomediumhotpanputadrizzleofoiltoast thebreadononesideforabout1minute. Addtheeggmixtureinthehole. AddthecheeseandProsciutto. TakethecutoutpieceandplaceitontopoftheProsciutto toastedsidedown.Turnheatdowntolow. Gentlyflipthesandwichandtoasttheotherside.You mayneedtoflipthesandwichonceortwicemoretomake suretheeggisthoroughlycooked. -Enjoy RECIPES DeliciousBrunchRecipe RecipebyAyoeandBobLai 28 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 WewouldlovetohearfromyouSendyourreaderquestionsandcommentsto editorflipmagazine.netandyoucoucouldbeinournextissue MorethananythingLaciPaigeauthorofthe SilkenEdgeSeriesenjoysspendingtimewith herfamily.Sheandherhusbandsupporttheir childrenonthesoccerpitchandoff.Lacienjoys theoutdoorstravelandofcoursereadingand writingandchocolate.Theirfamilylivesin HamptonRoadsVirginiawhereLacisadultmuse wakesuplateatnight.FollowLacionfacebook athttpwww.facebook.comauthorlacipaigeand twitterathttpstwitter.comlaci_paige. QA ByLaciPaige QBeachtimeiscomingandIwant thatperfectlookingtanbutImpale asaghost.Whatdoyousuggestto protectmyskinandstillgetalittle color A.Ifyouwanttogothesunlessroute asafetanninglotionorspraytanwitha slighttintwouldbeagoodstart.Anything toodarkwillbetoodrasticandthenas theseasongoesyoucandarkentheshade. Idbecautiousofsalonspraytansthough youmayinhalethefumesandmanyare notFDAapproved.Thentherearetanning bedswhichexposeyoutoUVrayscausing skindamagewhichalsoincreasesthe chanceofskincancer.Andlastlytanning pillswithprolongusetheymightturnskin orangecandamagetheliverandcause blurredvision.Regardlessofwhichmethod youusewhenyoureoutsideandyourskin isexposedtothesunyoustillneedsun lotionwithanSPF.Havingadarkerskin tonedoesnotprotectit. 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Eathealthymakewisefoodchoicesandeat smallermorefrequentmeals.Byspreading themoutyoulessenyourfoodbloatkeepyour sugarlevelssteadyandasaresultyoumight beabletokeepyourmoodswingsatbay.Steer clearofcaffeineandalcoholastheycanalso affectthewayyoufeelanywherefromanxious todepressed. RestandrelaxationStresscanmakematters worsesogetplentyofsleepandmeditateif needed.Arelaxedstateofmindcangoalong wayinmakingyourdaygobetter. Andgoseeyourdoctorifyouarenotcoping wellwithyourcycletheycansuggestthings orevenprescribeyousomethingifneeded dependingonyoursituation. 27WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 26 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 DevashreeShivadekarisaLosAngelesbased screenwriteroriginallyfromMumbaiIndia. ShecompletedherBachelorofArtsdegreein EconomicsfromtheUniversityofMumbai beforeflyingtoNewYorktopursueand successfullycompleteherMasterofFineArts degreeinScreenwritingfromtheNewYorkFilm Academy.Devashreehasbeenwritingfilmsand articlesinLosAngelesforthelasttwoyears. Ifaskedwhatmenconsideran idealfemalemostwomenwould pickasizethatissmallerthantheir own.Manypsychologistshave proveditwrongstatingthatmen infactdonotpreferfashionmodel bodies.Allowmetogettechnical forasecondbecauseclearlythis issueneedstechnicalitysqueezed intoitswidermoreelaborate frameofcognizance.Awomans weightdependsonseveralfactors includingheightfertilityratein relationtotheageandbody-mass indexIguesswedontneedto gettechnicalafterallunlessyou actuallycaredaboutthestatistics. Somewomenarenaturallylarger orsmallerandsometimesthereis onlysomuchwecandoaboutit. Thepointis-adistortedself-imageperception stillexistsinfemalesregardlessofhowtheylook. 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Thatbegsanobviousquestioncanwehaveour ownMindyKalingandlookbeyondherlooks althoughMindyisprobablyoneoftheprettiest Indianwomentoexistandappreciateherfor whatsheisatalentedyoungwriterandactress Recentlyafriendofmineinherlatetwenties confessedhowshefeltcompelledtostartlosing weightbecauseshesinhermarriageableage.She worriedthatifshedidntreachheridealthinweight chanceswereshewouldneverfindahusband.First ofallshelookedfinetomebutthatsbesidesthe point.Ifeellikethefemaleracewasabductedand sentbacktoearthwithachipimplantedintheirheads thatsaidthatskinnyistheonlyacceptablesize.And weslowlybegantotumbleasahumanracewhen wethewomankindstartedfollowingitblindly. ByDevashreeShivadekar Bodyimage HowWeShould LearntoEmbrace EveryBodyType 24 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 L iketheoldsayinggoesitisoftenbelievedthattogive meanstoreceivebutwhatdoesthisreallymean Manyanalyticalbusinesspeoplemeasureeverycent beforegivinganythingaway.Tothemnotspendingmeans gaining.Howeverwearenottalkinghereaboutfinancialgain butratheraspiritualone. Togivetosharetohelptoassisttocaretoinspire toeducatetodonatemeanstoreceiveapleasurewithno pricetag.Intheprocessofgivingonewitnessestheresultit deliversinsomeoneelseslifethatisoftenexpressedthrough happinessandlifechanges.AuthorErmaBombecksaidit bestWhenIstandbeforeGodattheendofmylifeIwould hopethatIwouldnothaveasinglebitoftalentleftandcould say.Iusedeverythingyougaveme. Lifeisacirclechainofemotionsactionsenergyand communication.Togivebackmeanstoshowgratitudeof theblessingsyouhavereceived.Whenwegivebackwe setanexampleforthereceivertodothesameonedayto someoneelseinneed.Therearemanywaystogivebackto otherssuchasfinancialemotionalinspirationalverbaland physicallyworkingfororwiththem.Agoodplacetogive backstartswithhelpingeachotherandassistingtheonesin need.Typicallythisstartswiththeclosestpeopleinourlife suchasfamilyandthencanslowlyexpandtobiggerplaces andcovermorepeople. Therearenumerousnon-profitorganizationsthatcover manydifferentcauses.Dependingonyourinterestyoucan reachouttothemandaskhowyoucanhelp.Mostofthe timethesenon-profitorganizationshaveanofficialwebsite wheretheylisttheirneeds.Theseneedscanbemonetaryor timecommitmenttovolunteerandhelparoundthecenter. Dependingonthecausesometimestheseorganizationcan makeagreatuseofyourartistictalents.Oftenvolunteers investtheirtimeandtalentinenrichingsomebodyelseslife withsomehappiness. Impactgiveback.orgisawebsitethatlistsmanynonprofit organizations.Youcaneasilysearchthroughthelistandfind informationabouteachoneofthem. Howevertherearemanyneworganizationsthatare notlistedthereanddeservethesameattentionandhelp. Oneofthemismyownnon-profitgroupBechlem.You canfindmoreinformationabouttheircauseatwww. organizationthataimstoinspireeducateguideand enhancethelivesofunderprivilegedchildrenorphans abusedpooranduneducatedintobecomingsuccessful individualsmakingpowerfulchoices.Ibelievethatchildren arethefuturetheseedandtheindividualsthatweneedto investinthemost.Thebeautifulbloomweseeinthepresent societyshowsthecarefulinvestmentwegavetheminthepast. Theabsenceofresultsweseetodaywithouradultsreflects thenegligencewegavethemyesterdaywhentheywereour children. MostcitiesincludingdowntownLosAngeleshaveaMonday missiondayforthehomelesswherepeoplecometovolunteer andfeedthem.FormoreinformationontheLAmissionvisit Non-profitorganizationsareincreasingeveryday.Thatis nobleandalsoinspiring.Theincreaseinnon-profitassociations showsanincreaseofselflessattitudepeopleareembracingmore andmoreeverydaytogivebackandprovidehelptoothers inneed.Itisimportanttonotethatitiscrucialtothoroughly researchtheassociationyouareinterestedtoassistbecause manyplaceshaveabadreputationandorusethedonationfor theirownselfishprofit. Manypeoplewaituntiltheyarereadytohelpgivechange andinspire.Howeverthetruthisthatthereisnotimetowait. Studieshaveshownthatthereisadeathevery15-20minutesin theunderprivilegedcommunity. Thereisnotimetowaitandbeready.Youcangivewhat youhavedowhatyoucananduplifttheweightofsomebody everydaystartingwithasmileathankyouorasimpleword ofencouragement. __________________________________________________ Withadegreeincommunicationsabackgroundinpsychology andaninspirationalbookalreadypublishedAnjezaAngie Gegaassuresusthatthecoretomakingadifferenceinpeoples lifeismotivationandinspiration.Followingandsharingthe currentwell-beingandhealthtrendshasallowedhertodojust that.TokeepupwithauthorAnjezaAngieGegacheckouther GivingBackHowYouCanBecomeMore InvolvedInServiceWork II II II III II I I I II BechlemAbrightertomorrowforourkids. 23WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 22 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 1.Createabaseforyourlookbycoveringyour entireeyelidswithconcealerfrombrowtolid. 2.Nexttakeyourblackliquidlineranddrawa lineontheouterrimofyouruppereyelid. 3.PutathinlayerofBlackGelEyeLineronyour thinangledeyeshadowbrush. 4.Usingthetipofanangledbrushdrawathin lineandcreatethewingwhereyouwantitto extend. TipKeepinmindthefurtheroutyoudrawthe linethemoredramaticitwilllook. 5.Connectthewingwiththebaseofthelinerand evenoutthethicknessusingtheangledbrush andgeleyeliner.Keepre-applyinggeleyeliner asnecessary. 6.Toreallyenhancethecateyeapplyblack eyeshadowintheshapeofthelinerwingand blenditintothecreaseofyoureyelid. 7.Hitthetownbecauseyouarereadyfora nightout 21WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 ByMakeupArtistandHairstylist AngelaLaRose Photographyby HarveyBranman ModelAlexisNichols The Perfect CatEye YoullNeed GelBlackEyeLiner LiquidBlackEyeLiner ThinAngledEyeShadowBrush Concealer BlackEyeShadowoptional 20 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 19WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 AlexisMonahanisanavidtraveler.Shespenttwoweeks travelingaroundEcuadorandtheGalapagosIslandsthispast winter2015withthetravelorganizationContiki.Itwasher firsttriptothecountryandshehopestogobackagainsoon. HelpfulHints -Englishspeakerscanusuallybefoundat airportsandcityhotelsbutafterthatdont expectanyonetospeakEnglish.Thatmeans taxidriverswaiterswaitressesandpeopleon thestreet.YoudontneedtobefluentinSpanish togetaroundandthelocalsareunderstanding andpatientasyoubothtrytocommunicate.But itwouldbegoodforyoutoknowsomebasic everydayphrasesanddefinitelyknowyour numberstonegotiatepricing. -Whenusingataxibesuretoagreeonaprice beforeyougetin.Manytaxisdontuseameter. ToaskhowmuchsomethingcostsaskQuanta questa -Speakingoftaxislookformarkedtaxis yellowwithgreenwriting.Andonpublic transportlikebusesandtrainsbesuretokeepan eyeonyourbelongings.Justusegoodcommon safetysense. -Itisadvisedthattravelersonlydrinkbottled water.Youcanfindbottledwatercheaplyinany localstoreorrestaurantsothisisnotaproblem. -PacklotsofhighSPFsunscreen.Ecuadoris ontheequatorlineandthesunismuchmore intensethanintheUS.Sunscreenisvery expensivetobuyincountry. -Besuretovisityourtraveldoctorafewweeks beforeyouleavetobesureyouhaveallyour vaccinations. -Enjoyyourtravels Anddontforgetaboutthenightlife.Ecuadorisagreatcity forgoingoutandhavingsomedrinks.Barstypicallystay openuntilabout3am.Sundayisadrydaybutyoucan usuallystillfinddrinksbeingsoldinrestaurants.Localsare friendlyandtheylovetodancesogooutmeetnewpeople andenjoy EcuadorBoastsTwoVeryOnceinaLifetime LocationstoVisit FirsttheyhavetheEquatorlinewheretouristscan straddletheNorthernandSouthernhemispheres.Thelocal guideswillevendemonstratesomecoolequatorscience experimentsdoyouthinkwaterreallydrainstheopposite directionfromNortherntoSoutherncomefindoutforsure SecondEcuadoristhecountrywiththeGalapagosIslands. YestheislandsmadefamousbyCharlesDarwin.Butthere issomuchmoretothem too.Notonlyarethey beautifulandfullof incrediblenaturebutalso friendlypeopleandlots ofhistoryandadventure activitiestoenjoy. Sowhatareyouwaiting forStartplanningyour nexttripandconsider exploringEcuador. 18 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 groundingplugsoifyourelectronicisthree-prongyoumay needanadaptorforthatreasononly. EcuadorisintheEasternStandardTimeZone ThemainlandofallofEcuadorisintheEasternStandard TimeZone.Thatmeansnojetlagorre-settingwatchesfor anyonetravelingfromtheEastCoast EcuadorscurrencyistheU.S.Dollar ImaginemysurprisewhenIdecidedtotraveltoEcuador thiswinterandlearnedthatIwouldntneedtoexchangeany currency.EcuadorhasusedtheUSDollarasitscurrencysince 2000.ThismakesitincrediblyhandyforAmericantravelersas youdontneedtoloseanythingincurrencyexchangeandthere isnoneedtofigureoutabunchofnewcoinsandtheirvalues. Bonus ATMsareeasilyaccessedinmostofthemajorcitiesbut outsideofthecitiesbankmachinescanbehardtofindsobe suretobudgetenoughmoneyonhandforyourtravels.Most ATMslimityoutoa100withdrawaladaybutafewcangoas highas400aday.Justbesuretoletyourbankknowyouwill betravelingsotheydontfraudalertyouraccount.Thereis nothingworsethenyourcardnotworkingwhenyouneedcash. Anotherperkofthesamecurrencynoexchangefeesforyour creditcardpurchases.AswithyourATMcardbesuretolet yourbankknowyouwillbetraveling. PricesinEcuadorareEasyontheWallet AsadevelopingcountryEcuadorspricesarearelieffor travelers. Youcangetapintoflocalcervezabeerfor1inmanybars. Youcangotothespaandgetahalf-dayatalocalspamud wrapsaunaboxandhotstonemassagefor50.Cabstoget aroundtownareplentifulandcheap5orlesstogettotheother sideofthecity.Youcanfindanicesharedroomatahostel foraround15anightandanicetwinsharehotelroomfor around50anight. Anddontforget tohaggleatthelocal marketsforeven betterdealsonsome beautifullyhandmade textilesleathersand othergreatgifts. LotsofActivitiestoEnjoy Ecuadorhassomethingtoofferforanyoneandeveryone. Ecuadorhasalongandcolorfulhistory.Goodforthose lookingtolearnabouttheMayanstheSpanishconquistadors orEcuadorsmodernhistory.Thereisplentytoexploreand Ecuadorisveryproudofitshistoryandlovestoshareit withtourists.Youwillnoticemoststreetsarenamedafter importanthistoricaldatesorhistoricalfiguressojustlookup andabsorb. ForthoseseekingadventuresportsEcuadoristheplace. Thereishikingmountainclimbinghorsebackridingzip liningbungeejumpingcanyoneeringrepellingdown waterfallssurfingdeep-seafishingandsomuchmore. Withfourdistinctecosystemsmountainshighlanddesserts rainforestsandoceantherearesportsforeveryone.You wontbebored. 17WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 WhenIsayEcuadorcouldyoueven pointthecountryoutonamapIsit inCentralAmericaorSouthAmerica WellitisacountryinSouthAmerica andisnamedbecausetheequatorline goesthroughthewholecountry. Itmaynotbeatoptouristdestination forAmericansyetbutitwillbe. Andhereiswhy EcuadorisveryU.S. TravelerFriendly ElectricityisU.S.Standard Asanyinternationaltravelerknowsbringingplugadaptors andpowerconvertersaroundwithyoucanbeahassle.They arebulkyandtakeupvaluablesouvenirspaceinyourluggage. LuckilyEcuadorplugsandvoltagearebothonUSstandard whichmeansthereisnoneedforanyadaptorsorconvertersat all.Howevermostoftheplugsareonlytwo-prongwithno ByAlexisMonahan ReasonsYouShould TraveltoEcuador 16 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 ImgoingtotryPiloxingItellmybestgirlfriend. PiloxingEverypersonItellthatIamgoingtotakethis workoutclasstheresponseisthesametheyrepeattheclass namebacktomewithaquestionmark.PiloxingWhatthe heckisPiloxingThisworkoutclassisthebrainchildof VivecaJensenaformerballerinaandboxerturnedMaster Pilatestrainer.Thenamesoundsfunnybutitisnojokehow itcanwhipyouintoshape TheclasswascreatedinJensensstudioinLosAngeles Californiabutinthepastfiveyearshasspreadlikewildfire toover50countriesacrosstheglobe.Theclassincorporates JensenspastandpresentpassionforPilatesboxingand dance.Thesethreethingsdonotseemtogotogetherandyet whencombinedcreatesomethingfunpowerfulandeffective. WhenIwalkintothePiloxingstudioitisamixofmodern cleanlinesandfemininity.Theminimalistlobbysomehow stillintimidatesmewiththeamountofpinkgirlyspandex-y thingsthinkPiloxingnailpolishundieshatsstretchy pantsemblazonedwiththePiloxinglogobodyskimming neon-brighttanktopsbutthecleanalmostsparsespa-like atmosphereoftherestofthestudioisanicecounterbalance. Andthatisalsohowtodescribetheclass-girlybutmodern hipandalittletough. VivecaJensenisabreathoffreshairandherenergyis infectious.YoucanfindarticlesandpicturesofJensenonline andinvariouspublicationsyetnoneofthemreallydoher justice.Herpersonalitymakesherevenmorebeautifulthan herpicturesandspeakingwithhermakesyouwanttobe herfriend.Sheconnectssowellwitheveryoneintheclass youfeellikethemostimportantpersonintheroomItwould seemthatthepeoplewhoareattractedtoteachingitareas personableandprettyasJensen.Itisalmostasthoughitis arequirementfortheinstructorstohavefunvibrantmake- you-want-to-be-like-themenergy.Iguessthesayingistrue likeattractslike Womenintheclassrangefromearly20sto50sand Jensensaysthisclassisgreatforpeopleasyoungas16and asoldas75Thestudentsalsovarydrasticallyinsizeshape andathleticability.TheclassisallwomenbutJensensays occasionallyabravemanwillventureintotheclass. Mostofthewomenintheclassmyselfincludedare wearinghotpinkweightedgloves.Eachgloveonlyweighsa halfofapoundbutletmetellyoutheystarttofeelheavieras theclassprogressesandyourfistsarepretendingtopunchthat guywhocutyouoffintrafficearlierAndthenyourex- boyfriendyourbosstheparkingmeterthatateyourquarters andthatstupidcupcakethattemptedyouatlunch Thechoreographyisfunandfairlyeasytofollowevenfor thoseofuswithbrickswhereourfeetshouldbe.Highenergy funpopularmusicpumpsthroughthespeakersduringthis fullbodyworkout. IhavetosayIdonotlookparticularlygracefulinclass.I amnotadanceroraboxerandifyoulookdownyoumight BornandraisedinHoustonTexasandagraduateofNewYork UniversityJoannaKellynowresidesinLosAngeleswhereshe worksasanactressmodelandwriter.Inherfreetimeshe enjoyssharingherwisdomwithupandcomingtalentcoaching childrenofallagesformodelingandacting.Joannaisalsoan avidblogger.TolearnmoreaboutJoannaandherworkcheck outherwebsiteswww.waitingforlefty.blogspot.comandwww. seemytwolefthoofs.TherewerewomenintheclassI lookedoveratandthoughtIllneverlookaslitheandfit asherThewomenthatareregularslooklikeleanmean PiloxingmachinesConverselyImusthavelookedlikea monkeywholostherbanana.LikeIcouldhavestarredinthe showSoYouThinkYouCantDance.Likenobodyputs Babyinacornerbutmaybeinmycasetheyshould. DespitemyawkwardnessIdiscoveredIhadagiant goofygrinplasteredacrossmyface.WhenJensenasked ushowweweredoingWoohooflewunabashedlyoutof mymouth.ForthefirsttimeinmylifeIfoundmyselfnot wantingtheworkoutclasstoendItwasfunandjusttheright amountofchallenging.Itwaseasytomodifyforinjuries andtakethingsatyourownpace.Ifyourarmsaretired dontjabwithasmuchforce.YourkneesaresensitiveWalk insteadofjump.YouwantalittlemoreThinkofsomething orsomeonethatpissedyouoffandletemhaveit Therearedozensofsuccessstoriesofwomenlosingweight andtoningupsomethathavelostover100poundsjust doingPiloxingthreetimesaweek.Butthemostimpactful storyisastudentwhoisbattlingMultipleSclerosiswhohas increasedmobilityandfunctionbecauseofPiloxing3-4 timesperweek.VivecaJensenischanginglives TherearenaysayersthatsaythatthisisntrealPilates orrealboxing.WellitisntItisntPilatesorBoxingit isPILOXING.AsJensensaysitworksbecauseitcomes fromaplaceoftruth.Thebaseisrealshetookthethree thingsthatareherpassionsandputthemtogethertocreate somethingthatreallyworks Piloxingclassesarehappeningrightnowatgymsand studiosallacrosstheUSandtheworldplusyoucandoit fromthecomfortofyourownhomewiththePiloxingDVD set.Runhopskipjumpsashayovertoyourclosestclass orgetonlineandgetyourDVDsetYoucanthankmelater. 15WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 NewFitnessTrend PiloxingByJoannaKelly NewFitnessTrend Piloxing 14 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 13 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 states.Whenschoolwaschallengingthedrivetosucceed remainedintact.IntimesofstruggleandstressHuffcontinued tofindhersolaceinmusicandasshedidhermusicalability seemedtogrowalongwiththedesiretopursueit. DuringherjunioryearofhighschoolHuffsvocalcoach encouragedhertobegintowriteherownmusicnotingthe importanceofsongwritingandmusicianshipthatisrequired intodaysmarket.Astheendofherhighschoolcareer nearedHufftookthatadvicetoheartandbegantotakeguitar lessons.SoonaftershewroteherfirstsongentitledSoldier Song.Thisfirstsonghitanervealmostimmediatelyasthe timelysongwasinspiredbyastorytoldtoHuffaboutayoung wifesayinggoodbyetoherhusbandjustbeforeheleftfora tourofdutyinAfghanistan.Themusicvideoassociatedwith SoldierSongwasanofficialselectionatthe2014GIFilm FestivalinWashingtonDC.ThelyricstoSoldierSongare inspiredandwouldseemtobewrittenbyonefarolderand wiserinyears.AsIinterviewedChristieHuffIwaseagerto findoutfromwheretherootofsuchdepthcame.Certainly strugglingwithalearningdisabilitycanmakeapersongrow incharacterandcompassionbeyondtheirpeersbutperhaps therewassomethingmoretoHuffsstory. Indeedtherewas.Songwritersmusiciansandartistsoften bynaturehaveahintofsadnesssorrowortragedysomewhere intheirpastthatseemstoignitethefireofcreativityand adrivetoexpressfeelingswhethertheyrecognizeitor not.InHuffscasewhenshewasnineyearsoldChristie andherfamilyfoundthemselvesinthemidstofabattleall toofamiliarinourworldandyetcompletelynewtothem. ThoughithappenedoveradecadeagoChristieHuffnow remembersquiteclearlythedayshelearnedhermotherwas battlingbreastcancer.MyDadpickedusupfromschooland theywerelikewellwehavesomethingtotellyou.Youknow somethingwasoffsookayweknewsomethingwasgoing SusannahC.HicksisaLosAngelesbasedwriter.Hickshas writtenfornumerousentertainmentandnon-profitcompanies SummersSisterswasfilmedonlocationinCharlotteNorth Carolina.CurrentlyHicksisworkingtocompleteherfirst fulllengthplayTriteandhasseveralotherpilotsanda bookofessaysindevelopment. on.Andtheysaidmomfeltalumpinherbreastwewentto thedoctorandgotitcheckedoutandshehasbreastcancer. WheneverIheardcancerIthoughtohgoshmymomsgoing todie.IdidntknowwhattoexpectIwassoyoungIdont thinkIreallycomprehendedtheeffects. LookingbackHuffisrightfullystunnedbyhowwellshe andheryoungersisterdealtwiththetransformationoftheir motherassheunderwenttreatmentandchemotherapy.Huff hermotherandheryoungersistertraveledwithacaretakerto Californiawhilehermotherreceivedtreatment.Foranychild watchinghermotherbattlecancerisalife-alteringexperience. Somechildrenwhenfacedwiththepossibilityofdeathof aparentandtherecognitionoftheuncertainnatureoflife liveingreatfear.Othersappeartobecomeratherfearless.It seemsthatforHufffearlessnesswasignited.Watchingwhat hermotherstruggledthroughasshedesiredtobetherefor herfamilywatchingherfightforherlifeandwatchingher recoverinstilledthetruthinHuffthatonecanovercome.In factattimestheimpossibleisverypossible. CurrentlyChristieHuffislivingoutanimpossibledream whichisturningouttobequitepossible.Huffhopeshermusic inspirespeopletoloveandtoliveintheknowledgethatone canovercomeevenwhentheyfeeltheyareonlyhanging onbyathread.Itdoesindeedgetbetter.TodateHuffhas recordedtwoalbumsinNashvilleandisnowinthemiddleof recordingathirdinLosAngeles.TolearnmoreaboutChristie 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 WhenIfirstwasintroducedtosinger-songwriterChristie HuffsmusicIfeltabitoverwhelmedbythedepthand wisdomthatstreamedfromnotonlyhervoicebutalsothe lyricsofsuchayoungtalent.BarelyoutofherteensHuffs voiceiswellbeyondheryears.Thereisamaturitydepth andrichnesstoheravoicethatdriveseachnote.Withequal dosesofbluesandfolkshefindsaperfectspotinthegenre ofcountrymusic.Butintruthherstyleandsoundmanages tolenditselftoamuchwideraudience.Thoughsome mightconsiderhercountry-popthereisasoultoherwork andwordsthatfeelsleapsandboundsawayfromtodays repetitivepopmusic.ChristieHuffisanartist.Hervoice andlyricscombinedarereminiscentofthegreatssuchasJoni MitchellLindaRonstadtormaybeevenDollyParton. AsIsaidHuffdoesnotneatlyfitintoaparticularcategory. ThemoreIlistenedtoHuffsmusicthemoreIfound myselfturningtomymothersoldLindaRonstadtrecords. Somethingaboutthedepthandpowerofthesetwowomens voicesseemedtoechoasimilardesiretosingtoexpressand topullatanaudiencesheart-muchmorethanmanyother musicians.ThereiseasetoHuffsvoicethatimpliesshewas indeedborntosing. InitiallyHuffsvoiceseemsrathercontradictorytoher friendlylightandbubblypersonality.Raisedmostlyin MesaArizonaHuffisthethirdchildofTerryandLisa Huff.AlongwithherthreesistersChristieHuffenjoyed asimpleandwholesomeupbringing.Herparentswere bothexceptionallysupportivefromthestartandnurtured eachoftheirfourdaughtersvariousgiftsandtalents. ThroughoutherearlyschoolyearsHuffstruggledtokeep upwithheroldersisterswhoexcelledacademically.As theyexcelledChristiestruggled.Afterlearningthatshe wasdyslexicHuffsearchedforsolacefromthewidening gapbetweenherselfandherschoolmates.Asshewatched heroldestsisterexcelandattendDukeUniversityHuff tookahardlookatherowntalentsandwonderedwhere shecouldexcel.Shehadadeepdesiretobeknownas somethingotherthanthegirlwithalearningdisability whenmusiccameintoherlifeandquicklybegantochange herdestiny.Findingconfidenceandacceptancethrough musicHuffandothersbegantorecognizehergiftsasa musicianandasongwriter.NowHufflooksatherlearning disabilityassomethingthathashelpedhertoexcelrather thanpreventinghersuccess.Dyslexiahaskindofdriven meinthedirectionofmusicandwhyIdoitshenow 11WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 ChristieHuff MyStory CountrySinger ChristieHuff BySusannahC.Hicks 10 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 FMWhatwasyourbiggesttake-awayfromdoing HoopsforHaiti2015 Mybiggesttakeawaywascertainlytobegratefulforwhat Ihaveandtocherisheachday.Isawpeoplewhohadsolittle butinsteadofbeingbitterordisenchantedbytheirlotinlife weresogratefulforwhattheyhad.Itdefinitelykeepsthingsin perspective. FMYouuseyourhoopingskillstocreateartwork.What inspiredyoutoputpaintintoahulahoop IvealwayslovedtodrawandpaintevenbeforeIstarted hulahoopingandIknewIwantedtodosomethingtocombine thosetwopassions.Iactuallyhada fansuggestImadeavideoagainst awhitebackgroundhoopingwhile someonethrewpaintonme.That gotmywheelsspinningabouthow tocombinepaintingandhooping andprettysoonIgottheideaforthe painthoop. FMWhathasbeentheresponse fromthepublicandyourfansto yourhoopingartvideosetc. Welleveryonehastheiropinions ofmypaintingandmyhooping anditprettymuchrunsthegamutof hatredandloathingtoloveand adorationQuitehonestlythough Ihavesomereallywonderfulfans whoaresupportiveencouraging tellmehowIveinspiredthem andarecontinuallyupliftingtomy spirit.Therearecertainlymoreof thesupportivefansouttherethanthe meannay-sayers. FMYourwebsitementionsthat youaimtoinspiremorepeopleto learnaboutandtryhooping.What doyouconsiderbeingsuccessfulat thatgoaltolooklike Itrytonotonlyintroducepeopleto hoopingbyperformingandshowing themwhatIdobutalsotoencourage themtotryitout.WheneverIdo aliveperformanceIalwaystake extrahoopsforanyonewhowants totryone.Ialsoteachclassesinmy hometowntherebymotivatingmore peopletotryitoutandstickwithit. FinallyaswithmyHoopsforHaiti campaignItrytotakehoopsto peoplewhomightnothavemuchbut wouldreallyenjoythesimplejoyof ahulahoop. IfyouwanttoconnectwithKatieSunshine pleaseseehersitesbelow www.facebook.comkatiesunshine14 www.instagram.comkatiesunshine14 _________________________________________________ AlexisMonahanhasbeenaFLiPMagzinecontributor sincethemagazinelaunchedin2006.Shelovesherjoband interviewingthesefabulouspeople. 9WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 FMYouarequiteskilledat hoopingasseeninyourvideos andphotos.Howlongdidit takeyoutomasteryourfirstever routineHasthatlearningcurve changednowwhenyoumakeyour newroutines WellforalongtimeInever createdhooproutines.Ididallmy performancesspontaneouslyjust improvisingmymovestowhatever feltright.Ihadbeenhoopingfor almostayearhoweveruntilIwas reallycomfortabledoingthis.Going withtheflowisstillmyfavorite styleofhoopingbutwhenIdecided tostartperformingprofessionally Ialsodecidedtocreatespecific routines.NowwhenImworking onanewroutineIthinkabout whattricksIwanttoshowcase whatmusicIllbedancingto whataudiencewillbewatchingthe routineandwhatthemeIwantto comeacrossintheperformance.Its alotofworkbutitsfun FMWhatadvicedoyouoffer tosomeonewhohasneverhooped before MyadviceistogiveitatryYou neverknowhowmuchyoulike somethinguntilyoutryit.Itsa greatwaytobeactiveandstayin shapeanditsfunAlsoIwouldsay nottogetdiscouragedifyoucant masterthetricksrightaway.Ittakes alotofpracticeanddedicationto learnnewmovesitdoesnthappen automatically. FMAndhoopingisgoodfor exerciseaswell Ialwaystalkabouthowhoopingissuchagreatwayto stayinshape.Ialsoteachaweeklyworkoutclassutilizing hoopingasitsmainexercisetool.Itsagreatwaytostay inshape FMIseethatyourecentlywenttoHaitiwithHoops forHaiti2015.Canyoupleasedescribewhatthis charityisandhowyougotconnectedwiththem IvolunteerwithanorganizationOzarkWaterProjects thattravelstheworldandprovidescleandrinkingwaterto werealreadyplanningthetriptoHaititodigawellwhen Ijoinedtheirteam.HoopsforHaitiwasmyownpersonal campaignIlaunchedtoraisemoneytocovermyairline ticketmylodgingandthesuppliestomakehulahoopssoI couldgowiththemtoHaitibutnottakeanymoneyawayfrom theircharity.FortunatelythankstomanygenerousdonorsI raisedenoughmoneytogoandtake34hulahoopswithme. Whenweweretherewewererepairinghandpumpsaround PortAuPrinceandthenwedugawellinavillagecalledTurbe. WhilethecrewworkedondiggingthewellIpassedouthoops tothekidsandadultswhogathered.Iplayedwiththem performedforthemtaughtthemsomeofmytricksandthenof courseIleftallmyhulahoopsforthemwhenIleft.Theaccess tocleanwaterwillhelpthemsurviveandimprovethequality oflifeandthehulahoopsputalittlejoyintheirheartsanda smileontheirfaces. SeeKatiesblogwhereshedescribestheentiretripinalot moredetailhttpwww.katiesunshinehoops.comHoops-for- Haiti-2015c1glv552186aa0cf21933cd3aa7ec 8 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015 K atieSunshinehas carvedoutquitea uniquecareerfor herself.Fromapublicschool artteachertoahulahoopartist andinstructor.Sheperforms shecreatesvideosandartshe giveshertimeandtalentto charityandsomuchmore. FLiPMagazineisproudtointroduceyou toKatieSunshine. FMHelloKatie.Canyoupleasetellus abitaboutyourself ImanArkansasgirlbornandraised.I graduatedfromtheUniversityofArkansas withadegreeinstudioartandItaught publicschoolartforseveralyears.Recently howeverIquitteachingtopursuehooping andpaintingfulltime.Itsbeenadream cometrue.BesidespaintingandhoopingI loveanimalsIlovetotravelIlovegoing tomusicfestivalsanddoinganyactivity outdoors. 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