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The Power of the Feminine In Tantric philosophy the feminine manifests as pure energy and is the force that connects us all. The feminine has an inherent understanding that all of life is interconnected and all-inclusive. The feminine is playful and delights in a constant flow of movement. It draws its energy from the Earth and culminates in the heart center. The feminine is receptive and finds ecstasy in surrender. The Power of the Masculine In Tantra the masculine is known as pure consciousness that which distinguishes us from the world around us. The masculine organizes life and existence into categories of understanding creating separation so that each aspect of life has its place and meaning. The masculine is disciplined steady and ordered. It is the constant center around which all of existence flows. The masculine draws its energy from the cosmos and finds its center in the sacrum or reproductive organs. The masculine is active and finds ecstasy through manifestation. Balancing the Masculine and Feminine The human energy system is just like a battery with positive and negative poles. A womans positive pole rests at her heart and her negative pole at the genitals. For men these energies are reversed with the negative pole resting at his heart center and the positive pole at the genitals. Therefore there is some truth to the belief that men lead with this particular part of their anatomy and women from the heart given that energetically speaking that is indeed where you will typically find a more powerful charge. It also explains why when joined in harmonious union the energy between men and women can be electric. However societal conditioning has caused us in many ways to disconnect from our energetic centers to the point that finding this natural attunement can be difficult. Some women have been so wounded that they cut themselves off from their heart centers and choose to penetrate life rather than open to it joyfully. Likewise men have been taught that to be truly connected to their sex organs is wrong or shameful and so they become desensitized or too submissive. It is up to us to honor these blockages in one another and open to the possibility that as woman or man we may hold the key to unlocking the door to our own and our partners deepest bliss. Tantra as a practice offers various breath-work and meditation techniques geared towards harnessing sensual energy to clear these blockages and align the chakras or energy centers so they can flow more freely. There are several good resources out there that offer instruction on such practices including Tantric Love by Ma Anananda Sarita and Swami Anand Geho. Oshos The Book of Secrets is considered by many Tantric practitioners to be the premier book on Tantric philosophy of our time. Whether practiced alone or with a partner it is important to remember that honest communication and authentic connection first with self and then with another are the most important tools to carry along on your Tantric journey. Hannah Borababy lives in Asheville NC where she studies yoga and nutrition helps facilitate trainings and workshops at Tantric Retreat and is hard at work on her first novel. To contact her email