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QA Q My girlfriend wants to take a weekend away but I just cant afford that right now.Any suggestions to help me put cash aside for a surprise weekend later this summer A. This summer That isnt a lot of time to save but there are a few things you can do Stop dinning out or grabbing fast food and eat at home. Skip the 5 latte every morning and make your coffee at home. Car pool use public transportation or bicycle to save on gas. Save on groceries plan before you shop seek out sales and use coupons. Save by staying in and watching a movie on TV instead of going out to the movie theater. Ask your bank if they have a short-term savings account. Then you can put all of the money you are saving on food transportation and entertainment in there until your getaway weekend. The hardest part is to be disciplined enough to cut back on your spending and to actually put it aside but it can be done. I wish you luck Q Im worried Im not lasting long enough inthebedroom.Mygirlfriendseemstoreally enjoy what Im doing but I dont know if its enough. Anything I can do A. First things first communicate and ask her. Interestingly enough the best time to talk about it is right after sex. When women orgasm the hormone oxytocin also known as the love hormone floods their bodies making pillow talk easier. As far as something you can do Learn about your PC muscle the pubococcygeus. Its job is to release semen during your ejaculation. If you can relax this muscle during sex youll last longer because with this muscle relaxed it is impossible to ejaculate. Do some research on male kegel exercises itll take about a month before you see results. More than anything Laci Paige author of the Silken Edge Series enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband support their children on the soccer pitch and off. Laci enjoys the outdoors travel and of course reading and writing and chocolate. Their family lives in Hampton Roads Virginia where Lacis adult muse wakes up late at night. Follow Laci on facebook at www.facebook.comauthorlacipaige and twitter at twitter.comlaci_paige. By Laci Paige 32 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015