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An unabashed Celtics fan Jay Schuster is Boston bred and raised and currently resides just north of the city. He is a Proposal Manager for a large company in downtown Boston and graduated from Salem State College in Salem MA. In his free time Jay loves playing and watching sports surprise surprise weightlifting and getting clobbered in both Monopoly and Clue by his daughter. Follow Jay on Twitter JayShoe78. that year and home court advantage is enormous in pro basketball. My heart refused to let my brain have final say and I lost 100. Ok Im aggravated even thinking about this. On to number 2 2. Three Team NFL Tease Alot of people do typically take one team bets. You either win or lose on that one game. While it seems like a good idea sometimes to take the one game as opposed to a three team tease which is a bet where all teams need to cover the spread to win but you gain 10 points on each game this type of bet will help maximize your winning percentages. Consider taking three games which all have an 8-12 point or higher spread and push the favorites down 10 each. Obviously part of it depends upon what kind of point spread a particular website or betting engineer you go through is giving on that particular day but they are very good and safe bets. Going the opposite way by giving the same 8-12 point underdogs more points does not typically yield results nearly as good. If a good team is playing either at home or on the road and their spread is 8 to 12 points my advice is to take it every time. Examplehypothetical New England on the road vs. a crummy Oakland team. The spread is -11 for the Pats. Denver is at home against good but not great Cincinnati. The spread is Denver -9. Indianapolis is at home against a weak New Orleans team this upcoming season. The spread is Indy -8. Put all of the favorites into a 3-team tease bet. This forces all of the spreads down by 10 each. So now New England is only giving a point to Oakland Denver is now getting a point and Indy is getting 2 points. All those teams have to do is win those very winnable games and you clean up 3. The Rob Shoe Theory Named after my brother and one of the best NFLNBA gamblers Ive ever had the pleasure of watching live in action. His theory is simple and one of the best tips you will ever receive. If the spread or overunder OU on a game is ridiculously high or low take it even though it is ridiculous. Some examples 2014-15 NBA All-Star Game. Id like to preface this by saying I realize that the NBA all-star game is always an offensive affair. The players hardly play any defensemostly running the bullfighter Ole defense. So I fully realize that these games are super-high scoring. With that said the OU on that game was absurd. My brother asked me what the numbers were. I told him it was totally insane at 289. He said that was ridiculous as well. Since we both thought that was a foolishly high overunder the only thing left we could do was employ The Rob Shoe Theory and bet the over. We ended up winning. In 2012 I was stunned to see that Oklahoma State was favored by 67 points over Savannah State in college FB. I called one of my friends to tell him how insane that was and we both agreed it fell into the Rob Shoe theory of utter craziness. Sure enough Oklahoma State won 84-0 and easily covered that ridiculous spread. 31 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015