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First off dont ever call that number as itll probably result in telemarketing on your phone line for the next 20 years. But does this sound all too familiar Enough with the lame sports phone lines to call for betting help. FLiP Magazine is here to the rescue People have been trying to get an edge on sports betting and sports books for years and years. It is an ageless practice. Where theres a bet or a game there is always somebody trying to get an edge and the best odds possible. Here at FLiP weve sent out our crack research team of one to investigate and come up with some easytipsandhintsforwhatsportsandcircumstances to best place your hard-earned money onand weve failed horribly. In the meantime here are a few tried and true tips that my friends and I have painfully discovered over the years. by Jay Schuster Sports Betting 101 1. Never Bet with Your Heart I cant begin to tell you the agony and heartache of betting against your own teams when you find the spread is too good not to bet the opponent. You start mumbling terms to yourself like jinx traitor and shock therapy which all seem relative at the time. But you must stay the course Never bet with your heart no matter how much painonly bet with your brain. Example I love the Celtics as anyone who reads these articles probably knows at this point. I foolishlybetthemtowinGame3oftheChampionship Game in 2008 when they eventually won it all. It was the first game back in Los Angeles after beating the Lakers twice in Boston. The spread was Lakers -2 meaning LA had to only win by 2 points or more at the time. My brain knew that betting them was a poor choice as the Lakers had a great team also Do you like hitting big on Sundays Do you like stacks of cash bulging out of your wallet Well of course you do Call me now at 1-800-FLI-PMAG Im Jay Schuster I went 8-1 on NFL picks last week I am giving you my Blue Chip Lock Pick of the Week free today 30 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015