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Why do Men Love Women in Heels We asked our Facebook fanpage subscribers for their thoughts on why men love women in heels. We know they look great but why else are we so attracted to them Some of the responses from our fans surprised us and we are so glad they took the time to share their insight. Thanks to everyone that contributed and be on the lookout for more interesting questions and responses on our fanpage at www.facebook.comtheflipmagazine. Jack Levin It is something in our DNA. Also it visually elongates the leg which is sexy too. Bob Bullard Ummmm it changes their entire posture ... And then theres the bedroom fetish aspect. Anonymous Men love women because they have to. We wouldnt have kids if not. It is seriously a desire we are born with to keep up the human race. Branden Randall The appearance of long slender legs. Anonymous Heels accentuate beauty and elegance. Shaun Yen it creates an elegant finish to the leg line. Not to mention fantastic calf shaping. Anonymous Butt legs. Vince Wolff Heels extend the lengths of the legs which makes the woman look taller and more slender. They also tighten up the butt muscles which makes it look firmer and more round. And the art of walking in heels is sexier. Sorry notes from a pinup artist Anonymous Wearing heels forces you to have better posture. If it didnt women would fall over in them To me good posture says shes confident and knows what shes doing-thats what makes them sexy. 29 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015