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BY FELICE LAZAE I t all began with the first pho- nograph. In 1877 the kids werent listening to their fa- vorite tunes sung by their favor- ite artistson repeat whenever and wherever they wanted. No they had to either play their favoritesongs on their preferred instru- mentor for non-players they had to wait forsomeone more musically gifted to grace them with a song. But that was the year that everything changed when Thom- as Edison invented the first phonograph that could re- cord and reproduce sound. This one invention changed human culture forever. There would be no fandom like Beatle mania or Beliebers without the easy access to sound recordings to become a super fan. The entertain- ment industry wouldnt be the huge marketplace it is without sound. So how has the technology of sound af- fected the different eras of music over the years In the beginning there wasnt as much flexibility when recording music. A band had to go in and record everything all at one time and it had to be perfect the first time otherwise you had to start all over again. And then something magical happened - overdubbing also known as sound on sound in the early days. Overdubbing is the process of recording one performance and then allowing a performer to record another performance along with the already existing recording. One of the most legendary and early innovators in overdubbing was Les Paul also known for a very cool series of guitars. He started experimenting with overdubbing in the 1930s and paved the way for modern recording. From Stereo to Reverb to Auto-tuneAdvances in Music Technology Its Effect on the Sound of Every Generation 20 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015