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Melody Jones is a lupus survivor turned entrepreneur blogger and organic brand consultant. After being diagnosed with Lupus at 17 she set her sights on educating herself and finding the best way to cope with the disease. What she found was more than a way to cope but a way to thrive and live happily. Through her holistic lifestyle changes that included juicing and making cleansing and detoxing a part of her permanent lifestyle she has found a passion for educating others on finding their own way to living a healthy and happy life. She teaches her clients the art of creating their own authentic diet and lifestyle. Her custom juice cleanses and meal plans are in high demand and she takes joy in helping people expand their personal connection with themselves and what they choose to put in their bodies. To learn more about Melody and her work check out her website at Good Sex. Its up there with good food and good sleep on the list of the best things in life we can experience. But is your diet affecting your performance Could your diet be hindering you from experiencing mind-blowing sex and at the same time keeping you from performing at a level that will please your partner as well The answer is absolutely YES. Our diets affect our energy levels and of course our sex drive. Check out our top 6 snacks that you can add into your diet to rev up your sex drive. The best thing about these snacks is they dont have the side effects of Viagra so theres no need to have an ambulance on stand by These snacks are holistic so they will not only enhance your performance but also your appearance. Nuts Almonds cashews pecans oh my These tasty treats will provide you with zinc which is imperative to keep your sexual performance high. They also provide you with the energy you need to prolong your next steamy session. Avocado Avocados are high in vitamin B6 which helps to increase male hormone production. In fact rumor has it they are so effective that Spanish priests forbid their congregations from eating them So get ready for a night you wont forget Pineapple Slices Pineapples are high in the male libido-enhancing enzyme bromelain. Not only does bromelain enhance your sex drive it also enhances your immune system. Holistic Ways to Rev up Your Sex Drive Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate contains enzymes that stimulate romantic feelings. It also makes you feel happy and excited which is probably why it is an age-old tradition to gift the one you love with this magical treat. It also naturally contains caffeine so it gives you energy to finish strong. Berries Strawberries and blueberries in particular are super fruits. They are high in vitamin C which is important for your brain. They help sustain your memory and neurotransmitters which are important for remaining in the moment and connecting with your partner. They also enhance the womans experience so dont be afraid to feed them to your partner too Celery Now this tip may have you munching on celery all day. Celery contains androsterone which is an odorless hormone. This hormone acts as a pheromone to attract women and also turns them on. It releases as you sweat so it creates quite an experience for your partner. Celery also helps to dilate your blood vessels so get ready for the climax of your life Hope you enjoy all of these powerful snacks in more ways than one. Cheers to Nights we wont ever forget By Melody Jones 18 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015