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the theater community in New York City coined Kirbys mother Lulu-Sauce-Maker-to-the-Stars. Lucille Garibaldis Italian cooking in particular her lasagna was known to travel by taxi from the familys apartment on 51st Street uptown downtown and across town where people such as musical theater television actress Kaye Ballard and her guests would be waiting to devour it at dinner parties and family gatherings. Perhaps for Kirby the best way to describe this introduction into the world of acting and theater can be described in one word - family. Family indeed was the theme of his young life. During the summers the family as a whole would travel doing shows in the summer stock circuit often having the opportunity to perform together. Acting was the family business. Countless evenings of Kirbys formative years were spent gluing his fathers resumes to newly printed headshots sitting through acting classes or Broadway shows and soaking in what it is to be an artist. As a young boy he saw the journey of what it is to be an actor the winning the losing and the reality that long desolate seasons of artistic drought can be lifted fulfillment can come and jobs can be booked. The transition to Hollywood was a turning point that happened rather quickly. Bruce Kirby received a call from family friends Tony winner Alice Ghostley and her husband actor Felice Orlandi informing him that they were lovingly giving him four days to come to Hollywood. Kirby was raised calling the pair Aunt and Uncle as they were indeed much more like family than friends and they could certainly be trusted. With the news that an apartment had been found the Kirby family wasted no time making their way to Hollywood. On his first day in town the 15-year-old John Kirby was walking down Hollywood Boulevard with this brother Bruno. As he passed Hollywood High School he thought to himself I better see when school starts. As it turned out it happened to be the first day of school that very day and within just a few moments he found himself in class. Kirby had followed his fathers footsteps into acting and though Kirby worked steadily as a child teen actor in New York Kirbys gift for acting continued to grow at Hollywood High under the tutelage of drama teacher Addison Meyers. While in high school Kirby was discovered by a talent agent and began working as an actor in Los Angeles. During his time at Hollywood High his gift for illuminating other artists talents began to draw attention. This was perhaps the first inkling of Kirbys incredible ability to see story and character arch as well as his uncanny gift to envision and help others deliver a complex performance full of tone depth and emotion - the essence of what it is it to be human. His brilliance allows him to pull out award-worthy performances from the most unskilled actors simply by illuminating their own humanity and seeing their hurt hopes joys and wounds which he gently then parallels to the characters they play. Whereas many acting teachers choose to tear down Kirby instead pulls out the beauty and individuality of an actor by seeing each as a uniquely gifted human being helping them to recognize and discover the beauty within themselves. As Kirby began coaching in high school he was still in the midst of his own acting career and traveled back and forth from LosAngeles to NewYork to work and coach. When in NewYork he was able to sit in and observe the famed Uta Hagen author of Photo of John Kirby taken by Jeff Bridges while on the set of Stick it. John Kirby in a private coaching session with Carmon Diaz. John Kirby on location in South Africa. John Kirby with Hector Elizondo on Max Me. 15 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015