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this point and have some interest in a few production companies. Its been very well received and everyone loves the idea. We are thinking about crowd funding options also FM What is the behind-the-scenes process for you to audition and hire the actors who will star in Slay the Date AW Well between the 4 of us we have all worked with a great number of talented actors. We are pulling in favors cards all over the place. Its more important to us to have every character you meet in our movie to be talented. We would rather introduce a really really talented no name actor then fill it with names just to have names. I am so bored with that. I love movies where I discover new talent. I think its more interesting and it makes me feel like the producers and people behind the story still find good story telling important and not just who will fill seats. We are very excited about the actors attached and the offers that are out It will be a stellar cast FM You have certainly been keeping yourself busy Abby. Is there anywhere new fans can go to follow you and your upcoming projects AWYes please follow me on all the social media sites. You can find me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter - all just under Abby Wathen. Also is a great place to check out my work and who I am working with. 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015