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how the biz worked back then. Before the TMZs and US Weeklies and the Internet when the arts were art. Her style of acting and openness to play was a dream. I loved working with Marlyn. It was such an honor. FM You have also been working on a passion project with 3 other very talented actors and producers. It is called Slay the Date and is a horror comedy that has been described as Bridesmaids meets Shaun of the Dead. It sounds amazing How did you get involved in this project AW Slay the Date came about after I had been cast in a feature for a shoot in San Fran. I worked my ass off for 14 long days and showed up on set day 14 and the entire cast and crew was immediately sent home. Thank God for my co-star Christina Ferraro and the 1st AD Alesandrio Serradella. Misery loves company so we bonded on that film and stayed in touch after. We were all at my house one afternoon doing an impromptu photoshoot and Christina brought along one of her friends Mercedes LeAnza whom I had learned had produced a couple of films. I have always wanted to produce my own material so I picked her brain and the 4 of us decided to just do it We brainstormed ideas and what works and what can be sold without a lot of money and big star names and came up with the story FM Are you planning on launching a crowd funding campaign to help fund the movie AW We are talking to a few private investors at10 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETJUNE2015