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BY ANJEZA ANGIE GEGA The development of society has touched not just technology and biometrics but also humanssense of community. The 21st century pressed an increase in not just self-development but also in that of sharing and uplifting each other. One way to do this is through giving bac to society by donating financially emotionally and with time. A legal way to remain consistent and truly make a difference is associating yourself with a non- profit organization you believe is doing a truthful or But what is a nonprofit organization A nonprofit organization NPO also known as a non- business entity1 is an organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission rather than distributing its surplus income to the organizations directors. ome nonprofits are community serving and others are member serving. Member-serving organizations include mutual societies cooperatives trade unions credit unions industry associations sports clubs retired servicemans clubs and pea bodies organizations that benefit a particular group of people the members of the organization. Typically community-serving organizations are focused on providing services to the community in general either globally or locally organizations delivering human services programs or projects aid and development programs medical research education and health services and so on. The desire to make a difference by serving your community is crucial but is just the beginning of a persistent journey to reach results nonprofit organization requires approval status also known as a 501 c3 status which exempts the company from paying taxes. A lot of paper work is involved as well. Coming from an individual that is also a founderCEO of her o n nonprofit I suggest you find a team that sees your vision and wants to assist you in making a difference. You will need dedicated people with high morals that will invest their time in assisting a desired change. Being born and raised in a third world country such as Albania where poverty dictatorship lack of education and abuse was very prevalent I grew up with the desire to one day be the girl that went through it survived and then would be the hand to pull others to overcome similar situations as well. I didnt know how or when but I knew it would happen. And so with very little money set aside for it I took the leap of faith and started researching to start my o n nonprofit The process was exhausting especially because I attempted to do everything by myself and not pay an estimated 2000 in fees to la yers or other institutions for assistance I filled out my own 1023 form learned how to write my own bylaws description of the company applied for articles of corporation Secretary of State Federal State and so many other steps that I dont remember to be honest because they would be thrown to me every time I thought I was ready to submit.A fee of 400 was also paid to the IRS and required for consideration for approval as a nonprofit hat being said the process ould not have been such a headache if I had simply trusted everything to websites like that can do all that work in an exchange for a fee but that fee was too high for me at the time. The persistence and hard work paid off and in less then a year BECHLEM Corporation was approved on September 4 2014. Once you get a tax exempt status the next step is to organize fundraisers and bring the program to life reach access to venues sponsors corporations that want to partner with your organization etc. BECHLEMs goal is to provide our children with knowledge and encouragement towards a self discovery process that will lead to better choices. This program includes but is not limited to music dance film art producing health and ellness hrough this knowledge our goal is that children will discover a passion and a talent that requires a positive commitment and discipline. he process of getting a nonprofit up on its feet is not easy but it is doable. Giving back and serving a community in need however is priceless. The world needs more compassion desperately. Through the uniting power of organizations like nonprofits e can ma e a huge difference in increasing self confidence motivation and in healing this orld and ma ing it a better place. The blessings we are packed with are magical... We ust have to shine let shine or help find others to plug their given abilities into the right outlet. ________________________________________________ it a degree in communications a bac ground in s c o og and an ins irationa boo a read ub is ed n e a ngie ega assures us t at t e core to ma ing a difference in eo e s ife is moti ation and ins iration. o o ing and s aring t e current e being and ea t trends as a o ed er to do ust t at. o ee u it aut or n e a ngie ega c ec out er ebsite at How I Started My Own Nonprofit Group and You CanToo II II I I III II I II II BechlemA brighter tomorrow for our kids. How I Started My Own Nonprofit Group and You CanToo II II I I III II I II II Bechchc lelel memeA brighter tomorrow for our kids. 29 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015