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u ie u ano is a o er of music art boo s and man ot er creati e manifestations. S e i es in Sacramento ere s e nerds out in coffee s o s c orus and irtua boo c ubs. or more of u ie s musings go to tt u ano.tumb DO keep an open mind. Try new things and see where they take you. One girl told me she never dated short guys but decided to take a chance on a funny guy who was a little shorter than she was. She ended up dating him a while and still remembers him as the wittiest guy she has ever met. You never know who you can meet or what fun things you can do when you let your guard down a little. DONT be careless with your information. Dont send naked pictures to a man youve just met online. Revenge porn websites are in full force and you dont know this guy well enough to trust him with that kind of sensitive material. You also need to be careful with your personal information. Dont give a guy your phone number or email address right a ay and definitely dont give him your address You need to be mindful of your safety. That is not to say that every man is out to hurt you -- they are not. Just be aware so you can still have fun dating. So you have been messaging a guy and you are ready to give him your number and go on a date Yay Whats next DONT allow him to only text you. When a guy only wants to text you that can be a bad sign. Texting allows him to talk to many women at once. Have some respect for yourself. Set up a phone call and ma e a solid plan for your first date If youre not used to tal ing on the phone it might be a little a ard at first but youll get better with more practice. DO show up for the date. If you agree to go on a date you should show up. There is something to be said for someone who keeps their word. If the guy is brave enough to ask a fabulous woman like you out then that shows a lot about his character. Well ladies we made it to the end. If you follow these basic guidelines youll be sure to find yourself tal ing to a nice guy or two or three in no time And hopefully if you play your cards right youll meet someone you can see yourself seriously dating. Until then keep the confidence high and be yourself 28 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015