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out in full ma eup thats fine ou dont ant to pretend youre someone youre not but you may want to consider posting one picture that shows you a little less made up. xperiment by ma ing it your main profile picture and see if you get more messages. Remember to include a recent full body photo you want the guy to get a real sense of what you look like. DONT overtly display your assets while making a duck face. I cannot stress enough ho unflattering these pictures are. Yes we all know you are a beautiful sensual woman but dont make that the main focus. That will only attract guys who want to get you in bed. It is widely thought that men think about sex every seven seconds we really dont need to help them along. Its great to be sensual but dont get it in your head that you have to be sexy for men to show interest. A quality guy will want to know you and he will feel lucky that you are even responding to him. Hold on to that ladies because its the truth. DO fill out your profile with genuine interesting information about yourself. You would probably be annoyed if a man only typed ask me in the bout e section of his profile Well practice hat you preach a e your profile engaging but dont make it novel-length. Let the guys know what you like to do and what kind of person you are. Add a funny anecdote and make sure your headline represents you. Whatever you rite ma e sure it reflects your o n unique personality DONT hang out all your dirty laundry. Everyone likes a positive outlook so dont talk about your negative experiences with guys and dont post a disclaimer on your profile I no its frustrating to get Wanna have sex at the drive-in messages but you need to resist the urge to type at the top of your profile Dont contact me if all you want is sex Im tired of that crap Even though you think you are weeding out the jerks an aggressive statement like this might turn off a nice guy. He may respect it but the negative way in which it is delivered might leave a funny taste in his mouth. Instead focus on the things you DO want in a man riefly describe the qualities you are loo ing for and hopefully you will draw in a sweet guy who sees himself in your words DO demand respect for yourself. When it comes to messaging bear this in mind ust because he messages you doesnt mean you have to respond. You are a lovely woman with much to offer and you ill find that this attracts all sorts of men Some potential suitors just wont be your cup of tea. For the guy that just wants to get laid know that you dont have to respond. They often see any response as encouragement If you find a guy that you do li e be engaging hen you respond ead his profile and show an interest. Messaging is a two way street. Here is a bonus tip e are of the olf in sheeps clothing -- good-looking charming but only wants to sleep with you ont be fooled by his profile hich says all the right things. If this charmer messages you about sex right away thats a good sign that thats all he wants. Make the judgment call for yourself but be aware of this pitfall. DONT belittle the guy for trying. If a guy messages you and youre not interested dont reply with yeah right If he is respectful towards you be respectful back. You can let him down easily without being rude. If a guy sends you a rude message just ignore him. Dont waste your fabulousness on a loser who doesnt deserve you. Dont worry about teaching him a lesson either. If he hasnt learned it by now an angry message from you wont change anything. Besides if you do respond with a hateful message he might send an equally hurtful message back that can mess with your head. Even if his opinion doesnt matter to you hateful words have a way of worming themselves into our heads and poking holes in our self-esteem. Dont go there. Just ignore him. continued.... 27 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015