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BY AERI ROSE O nce while tanking up at a gas station in the middle of deserts of New Mexico a hippie wanderer told me there were three things orth going into debt over education health and travel. Then he climbed back into his 1987 Chevy Van and drove a way trailed by a cloud of exhaust fumes and Bob Dylan tunes. While I agree that travel is one of the most important things to do during your life I dont think anyone should have to go into debt while adventuring. So this months topic is travel deals here and hen to find them The internet is a great resource for every kind of adventure. From planning transportation to activities to lodging all things can be learned online. Travelers LOVE talking about what theyve done so there are tons of great travel forums blogs and wiki sites just waiting to share their knowledge with you. For transportation two of my favorite sites are kayak. com and Kayak is my go to site for flight boo ing hey seem to consistently have the broadest selection and the lo est rates for flights nd they have this really awesome feature called Explore that I absolutely love playing with whenever I need to spend some time daydreaming about my next adventure. You pick your departure airport time frame and price range and it sho s you all the flights all over the orld that fit your requirements o say you have days and to spend on a flight in ovember aya xplore just told me that I could get from D.C. to Hong Kong Moscow Cairo Dublin Peru and more for that or less The possibilities are endless Or if you are more of a boat girl than a plane girl then maybe is more your style. Here you can find lots of cruise trips around the orld offered at a last minute discount rate. Crossing the Atlantic by boat is definitely on my buc et list and hen the time for that adventure comes I ill definitely be chec ing out If you are flexible on your time or season to travel try to find out hat your destinations off season is ften everything from flights to lodging to activities and meals is much less expensive in the off-season. Enjoy the solitude and beat the crowds- embrace the perk of traveling when most other tourists are at home. If when to travel is important when to buy is also important. Lots of research including an in-depth report by Expedia has been done on when exactly is the best time to book tickets. The majority agrees that buying tickets on Tuesday or Sunday is best and planning in advance can Where and When to Find the Best Travel Deals 24 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015