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Who do you recommend check out the show who is the target audience Each episode tackles an issue just about every ginger can relate to so much so that when I approach red- headed strangers to tell them about the show they often turn out to already be a fan because someone else sent it to them Outside of our secret society of redheads -- so secret we redheads dont even know about it yet -- the series appeals to any comedy-lover who has ever felt li e a misfit or been stereotyped due to a physical trait. Though a very fun show Redheads Anony- mous touches on much larger issues such as beauty standards stereotypes bullying and tokenism. Could you elaborate on the shows stance on these subjects Hair may seem like an innocuous silly trait for a show subject but our international survey of redheads showed that it actually matters on a deeper level because its a visible and socially acceptable way to identify and dif- ferentiate people. That dichotomy gives us the freedom to comment on controversial issues such as tokenism and stereotyping all while keeping it light-hearted and fun. Whether standing up to a bully handling strangers who have opinions about how you look or who youre with or arming yourself for skin baring at the beach we want you to take the thing that makes you different and celebrate it. Whats next for Redheads Anony- mous Were slathering on the sunscreen and head- ing to Redhead Conventions across the globe ...Thats right those exist. Who knows what will happen when hundreds of gingers gather together as one No one will dare ask us does the carpet match the drapes ever again. How can our readers keep up with all things Redheads Anonymous ur first seasons five episodes binge watchable in just half an hour -- can be seen on our sho s ou ube page youtube com redheadsanon. If you subscribe there youll be alerted when new videos come out. Fans can also like us redheadsanon on Facebook fol- low us on Twitter Tumblr and Instagram and sign up for our email updates at www.redhead- as well. And finally are redheads actually having more fun than blondes While its safest to let blondes think theyre hav- ing more fun just between you and me and all of our viewers redheads are having a ball Behind the scenes of Episode 2. 20 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015