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R edheads are all the rage right now. Seriously from popular starlets like Jessica Chastain Emma Stone Eddie Redmayne Ellie Kemper Julianne Moore and Christina Hendricks gracing the covers of magazines such as Vogue GQ Esquire Cosmo and The Hollywood Reporter to having their images plastered on billboards across the country you cant help but notice the trend. Despite the popular adage maybe its red heads who have more fun Maybe Im a bit biased as a proud member of the ginger gang myself but I think the red headed rage is here to stayAnd with over 25000 views in just the first ee of release the popular ebseries edheads nonymous ust adds fiery fuel to that claim Centered around the lead character Mollys efforts to win a redheaded scholarship yes that is a real thing - we meet her friends also vibrant members of the redheaded race. As the gang works together to secure the scholarship and build their friendship we laugh cry and learn some valuable lessons. At around 7 minutes an episode Redheads Anonymous is a fast- paced fun show that you wont want to miss First off what exactly is a webseries Other than being the best thing ever a webseries is essential- ly a TV series that is made to be on the Internet. Thanks to the joys of the World Wide Web folks across the globe can access it at any time on a web-connected computer episodes can be any length in our case much shorter than the average sitcom since they dont need to fit ithin the confines of a broadcast schedule and viewers can feel free to interact by immediately sharing their comments reactions and own personal stories in response to what they see for better or for worse. Why was this the medium you chose for your project We wanted to connect with as many redheads across the world as possible -- and how better to do that than on the web The web also allowed for full creative control over the show hich meant that e could go from idea to final result without having to ask anyones permission in between. That is no small game-changing revelation for an actor especially a female actor looking to play something other than the typical casting options of the girlfriend the love interest or the hooker with a heart of gold. Where did the idea for the series come from I knew I wanted to write a comedy and it occurred to me that I never get to perform with my redheaded friends. As I started researching for possible redhead-related plots three revelations hit me a real life edhead cholarship hich seemed rife ith comedic possibilities Tim Minchins Prejudice and Cathe- rine Tates Ginger Refuge. These showed me that when done well the subject of redheadedness could create comedy gold... while successfully commenting on deeper more complex soci- etal concepts. How did you go about assembling the team to make your idea a reality Im fortunate to know some really amazing artists and Im thankful that theyve chosen to go on this journey with me. The core creative team is made up of individuals Ive always talent- crushed on some of whom Im even privileged to consider my closest friends When it came to finding actors outside of our circle our casting director Kim Graham Homeland scouted every redheaded actor in NYC like she was Sherlock Holmes. Everyone else we interviewed or cajoled generously joined us for the adventure because they loved the idea the team or are a little crazy Those traits are not mutually-exclusive. What was the teams favorite episode to create The episodes were created out-of-order actually because we cross-boarded them we shot all scenes in any given loca- tion at once and then moved on to the next location regard- less of where in the season or episode the scene took place. It was very important to remind ourselves what storyline we were in at any given time The most memorable moments probably occurred during the all-night shoots in a bar and a grocery store but what happens on set stays on set. Unless you hear about it in a subsequent Behind the Scenes video on our YouTube channel... The cast with Director Daniel Seth. The Writers. 19 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015