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unhealthy. Ummm excuse me but last time I checked I AM a real woman curves or no I cant HELP that I have a thigh gap and if I AM unhealthy its because I eat too many cheeseburgers. I realize these campaigns are only meant to encourage women to embrace their natural selves but whats being lost in this is the very real fact that for some women thin IS their natural self. What concerns me is that in the effort to embrace one size were putting down another. Correct me if Im wrong but isnt that what instigated millions of girls to starve themselves How is it now acceptable to do THE SAME THING but against the opposite body type In my mind true acceptance of womens bodies is the realization that ALL body types even skinny ones are natural are beautiful. To deny that is to keep the cycle of shame going. Ihopethatsometimesoonwecanrealizethateveryone is born with DIFFERENT BODY TYPES gasp and that THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL GASP and we should LET OURSELVES BE double gasp Variety is beautiful and we shouldnt put limits on it. Some women are going to be born with naturally thin bodies some with naturally curvy ones thats just a fact. Its never going to change. What CAN change is our view on it. What NEEDS to change is the shame we put on each other for things that simply cant be helped. Lets rock our skinny curvy thin full figured athletic I bodies ith pride and most importantly encouragement. Lets remember that someone being beautiful in a different way than you doesnt take away from your own beauty. Lets put away those hurtful descriptive labels we throw at each other and substitute it with one simple one- Beautiful. THAT is the voice of the future. THAT is the voice I want to hear every woman shouting from the rooftops. THAT is the voice we all deserve. Ill be honest with you Ive sat down to write this about a thousand and one times and couldnt quite find an angle that rang true ith me omething as al ays off ho do you find a ne ay to rite about something that is so prevalent in discussion now a days- especially across social media. Even more so how do you find a ne angle that is that is uniquely me and hopefully will somehow strike true with a myriad of other women who happen to stumble upon this Whilst banging my head against the proverbial and sometimes literal wall one answer kept coming back to me- just be true. So here it is- me being true. I dont like my body. A more accurate statement would be that sometimes I hate my body. Sometimes I love it. More often than not we have this agree to disagree silence of acceptance between us. For the past 25 some odd years of my life this has been our relationship with each other. I know this isnt a new or groundbreaking admission a girl who doesnt like her body Old news sister. But for those of you that no me you may be scoffing because hat right do I have to not like my body For those of you who DONT know me Im about 58 weighing in at about 120lbs i.e. tall and skinny. All my life Ive been surrounded by this attitude of dismissal when it came to how I viewed myself. Ive never been able to stand in front of the mirror on bathroom breaks with girlfriends and bemoan my fla s ecause Im s inny isnt that what everyone wants Its funny how people adopt this mentality that if you happen to have what society deems as beautiful you must be happy.As if societys ideal has magically weaved a spell of protection against insecurity over some few happy people. Im here to tell you that no one regardless of size or shape is free from that curse. Sometimes I look at myself and see a skeletal being with over long awkward limbs and no shape. Sometimes I feel unattractive bloated and yes even fat. This doesnt mean I have an eating disorder or theres something wrong with me it means I have insecuritiesjust like everyone else. As Ive battled against the voices in my head that are screaming that Im gross Im abnormal Im unhealthy Ive had to fight against the voices of others telling me the same. Lately its taken the shape of REALwomen have curves or that thigh gaps areALWAYS bad and that skinny bitches are rie e ies a a is a riter actor and a around dabb er in t e arts i ing in . S e o es reading and oo ing contem ati e out of indo s i st it s raining. S e s a contributing riter for t e fabu ous e o igg es ebsite and ou can fo o some of her writing at httphellogiggles.compraise-real- fat er or if socia media is more of our t ing catc er ad entures in nstagram ribe e . 17 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015