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BY JOANNA KELLY ver heard of the five second rule o not the one about dropping food asting first impressions happen in five seconds or less ne t o three four five ozens of studies have sho n that first impressions are the most important because they are instant some judgments are made in as little as a 34 milliseconds http guilfordjournals.comdoiabs10.1521soco.2009.27.6.813 and long-lasting even when different impressions are made later Whether it is a first date a ob intervie or meeting your significant others parents there are some proven ays to make the ideal impression. Follow these 6 tips to make sure your first is also your best 1. ATTITUDE Have you ever noticed how some people can light up a whole room Or conversely bring rainclouds to an otherwise sunny day Before entering a room choose a happy positive thought. Take the two corners of your mouth and turn them upward activating your smile muscles to send a signal to your brain to be happy. Imagine all interactions going smoothly If that is difficult for you egative elly then stand li e a superhero for five minutes before going in fists on hips chest out feet further than hip distance apart chin slightly above level. Standing like this will give you presence and the image of a good attitude when entering a room. 2. BODY LANGUAGE -A study conducted by UCLA found that people evaluate one another using the hree s visual appearance vocal voice and verbal what you say and that about 93 of a persons communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal communication. So what you say is less important that o ou oo when you say it. Would you believe someone that said they are really confident but they are slouched loo ing at the floor and have their HOWTOMAKEAGOOD FIRST IMPRESSION 14 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015