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Victor Glover a freshly-minted NASA astronaut he had graduated to full astronaut just 24 hours before. He was introduced as one of a class of 9 astronauts among whom the first human to step on ars ould li ely come ot to get too far ahead but I considered it a high honor when the panel concluded and I got a chance to shake his hand and wish him God-speed on whatever missions were forthcoming. Ill be really thrilled if that simple handshake was with the eventual first human to reach ars But this panel did talk a lot about the upcoming movie The Martian a film directed by idley cott and starring att Damon. It is an incredible story of an astronaut stranded on Mars by incredible bad luck. The author of the novel where the movie was adapted is Andy Weir and he spoke at length about the process of writing the book. Mr. Weir is incredibly funny as witnessed during this panel and his humor comes through in this book about a ridiculously serious subject. Im reading the book now and thoroughly enjoying it and cant wait for the movie But the amazing panels I would see on Saturday in legendary Hall H the biggest conference room of them all holding close to 5000 people was the best This where the cast of the early Star Wars movies Harrison Ford Mark Hamel and Carrie Fisher appeared as well as famous directors like Quentin Tarantino appeared. After waiting in the queue for over 2 hours with thousands of others I entered Hall H and was blown away by the size of the hall the technology all around me as movie screens rolled out in front and from the sides to give everyone a beautiful show as each new panel presented their next project. But for me the best part of the whole gathering was the appearance of Joss Whedon the writer and director of the Avengers movies and many other brilliant projects. Listening to him speak on many projects and his process I personally was enthralled. But what came next from Mr. Wheeden was what meant the most to me as a participant in this event and as an attendee. I ould be the first person to say that from a distance Comic-Con looks like a festival for nerds and comic book geeks. Again on the surface it indeed is a collection of some pretty amazing and sometimes quirky people. But Joss Whedon talked about the true meaning of Comic-Con and why it was so internationally attended and cherished. He talked about mankind and our wired-in need to be together to depend on others for help and sustenanceand the one thing that has always bound us as a society and helped us learn together is the art of storytelling rom the first cavemen telling of the hunt to paintings on cave walls all the way to todays amazing special effects movies humans are a species of storytellers and that is what draws people from every corner of the world to Comic-Conour need and love of storytelling which is exactly the point of books movies comic books video gamesthe list goes on and on. If you love stories whether to tell them listen to them read them or act out on them Comic-Con is where you need to go. You wont regret it for one second 13 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015