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ten by the NASA represen- tatives and concentrated most of his questions and gee-whiz comments to Dr. Straughn and Kevin Hand two very high-ranking and critical minds working on future projects of NASAto- day. The movie got some mention but to my great pleasure most of the talk was about the James Webb Telescope the replacement telescope for Hubble and the then-upcoming flyby of luto by the space explorer e orizon dam Nimoy weighed in on several things related to NASA but the best part of his presentation was talking about his Dad. dam is putting the finishing touches on a documentary of his fathers life and should be released soon. This panel was incredibly informative especially if youre a space geek like me and it could have gone on all daybut sadly it ended but happily segued into a second NASA panel This panel was an enlightening discussion moderated by Aditya Sood executive producer The Martian. Some of NASAs best and brightest Jim Green director of planetary sciences NASAHeadquarters Todd May manager NASA Space Launch System Program NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and Victor Glover astronaut NASA Johnson Space Center were on the panel as well as authorAndy Weir The Martian especially in light of NASAs involvement in the upcoming Ridley Scott motion picture The Martian. There was plenty of NASAtalk with Jim Green providing even more updates on the e orizon flyby of luto and especially by Todd May who discussed the new Space Launch System SLS the largest and most powerful rocket ever built. It will presumably be the rocket that takes man to Mars in the not-too-distant future Todd May introduced Astronaut Victor Glover Aditya Sood Jim Hand and Todd May Kevin Hand Adam Nimoy and Aditya Sood Joss Whedon Author Andy Weir 12 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015