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An amazing video game movie is still just a dream. There real- ly hasnt been a video game movie that has done any video games complex story telling any justice. In my opinion vid- eo games offer some of the most original and dynam- ic plots in any storytelling genre. What makes them difficult to translate to the big screen is the fact that they are basically choose your own adventure sto- ries. You remember those kinds of stories right I remember reading an In- diana Jones choose your own adventure novel as a kid and it was so much fun because I was creating the story as I made choices of where to take the plot page by page. This is exactly how video games work. Some video games like Heavy Rain have 20-some- thing endings while most video game classics like Silent Hill have around five different endings. While its fun to choose your own path while playing these games that makes it really hard to translate their stories into a screenplay. How do you beat allowing the viewer to choose their own adventure I think the answer lies in focusing on the storytelling when it comes to writing a video game adapted screenplay. The screenplay writers need to create a completely new story that will spark the interest of gamers who already know the familiar stories from the video games while still honoring the core origin stories and beloved mythology gamers have come to know and love. Writers must do this all while also appealing to the general non-gaming public who are just being introduced to these characters and stories for the first time. While the following lists are supposed to be the best and worst movies based on a video game I found that it was much easier to list the worst than the best with even an honorable mention list for the worst. My best video game movie list is really just the most tolerable vid- eo game movies. We still have yet to see the best video game mov- ie. With movies in production for Assassins Creed Uncharted Bio Shock Halo and Borderlands I have much hope for the future of video game movies. These are some of the most visually spectacu- lar video games of all time with art direction set design costume design and storytelling that are just dying for an incredible film ad- aptation. With some of the incredible films that have come out over the past few years I know that these video games can translate to the big screen. We have the technology and creativity. Lets see what Hollywood has in store. In the meantime here is my list of the best and worst video game movies of all time. Worst Video Game Movies 1. Super Mario Brothers 2. Street Fighter 3. Every video game movie directed by Uwe Boll - Alone In The Dark Bloodrayne etc. 4. Mortal Kombat Annihilation 5. Max Payne Honorable Mentions House Of The Dead DOA Dead Or Alive Felice LaZae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. And shes also a huge fan of comics video games books and all things nerdy. Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. Her lyric driven music is a mix of bluesy rock with a good dose of soul. To check out and download her new Give It Away EP go to her website at Best Video Game Movies 1. Mortal Kombat 2. Lara Croft Tomb Radar 3. Silent Hill 4. Resident Evil 5. Prince of Persia Again the best video game movie still hasnt been made but here are the most tolerable video games movies made so far. 7