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Theres almost nowhere less fun on Halloween than with drunk strangers at a bar. Granted every girl is some version of Slutty Bumblebee or Slutty Bert and Ernie or Slutty Ear of Corn look it up its real usually with some serious miscalculations on how attractive her costume is but the real fun is with friends at a house party. And if youre lucky Slutty Heinz Mustard might come to your party and you can hope shes a squeeze bottle. We live in the age of instant gratification with smartphones bringing the world to our fingertips remember as a kid when youd fight with your sibling or friend over who was right about something but youd have to wait to look it up until you got home. But having instant access doesnt mean you should send invites to your party same day with a text Yo party at my house tonight. BYOB. Your friends are cooler than you they probably already have plans at that point es- pecially for a night like Halloween. Give your guests the courtesy of inviting at least two weeks in advance. -Speaking of invites typically 1 out of 4 people who say they are coming will not actually come. They will be sick have to work get invited to a different party by the hot girl in the corn cos- tume etc. So if you want your party to be hoppin make sure to invite about 25 more people than youd actually like to have at your house. Facebook invites are acceptable as are group texts but if you want to increase your attendance personalized invites are best. Hey no one said you cant copy and paste just change the name at the top -You can ask your guests to bring something to the party but you shouldnt rely on them to supply all the alcohol or food. You want to really impress Have a signature cocktail for your party. There are so many Halloween themed drinks on Pinterest you could be drunk for a week just trying them all. If that seems like too much to handle you could just grab some dry ice at your local gro- cery store and toss in a glow-stick from the dollar store and you have insta-spooky drinks no matter what you serve. -Food can also be a great way to get some Halloween fun in your party. You can spook up any tasty treat with those little plastic spiders. Freeze some in your ice cube trays drop a couple in your vegetable or chip dip and scatter across the food table. Plastic vampire teeth can be stuck in donuts for some silly sweets. Hot dogs with a little sliver removed from one end of each become fingers in a bun. Just because youre not a kid doesnt mean you cant have a little fun with your food. -Decoration is key to making your house feel spooktacular. The easiest way to have a big impact for little money and effort is to go to a fabric store and buy several yards of cheap black fabric. Drape that over everything for a dark and stormy mood. Add a bunch of candles the dollar store usually has glass jar candles that are great for this and your house will be ready to impress. -No Halloween party would be complete without a ghoulish playlist. If every other song is Monster Mash or Thriller youve over- done it. Choose your favorite party music and intersperse a dozen or so classic Halloween-y songs. Plan ahead download what you need and have the playlist set up and ready to go before the party starts. -As the host your costume should be better than average. You could go spend 50 buying a packaged throw-away costume that 3 other guys will be wearing. Or you could be a little creative and have something really memorable. Remember Slutty Corn You might get a kernel of her affection if you impress her with your costume. Check out your local thrift stores for fun unique finds. Just dont wait until October 30th or everything will be picked over. Cant find anything Search your own closet for easy costumes such as a cereal killer dead tired dick in a box black-mail 50 shades of grey or any other punny pop culture reference. To have a Halloween Party that people talk about until next years Hal- loween Party takes some extra planning but if you just put a little extra time and effort into it Miss Corn might be so impressed she wants to get with your cob. Aww shucks. Thanks for lending your ear. Born and raised in Houston Texas and a graduate of New York University Joanna Kelly now resides in Los Angeles where she works as an actress model and writer. In her free time she enjoys sharing her wisdom with up and coming talent coaching children of all ages for modeling and acting. Joanna is also an avid blogger. To learn more about Joanna and her work check out her web- and plastic spiders. Freeze some in your ice cube trays drop a couple in your vegetable or chip dip and scatter across the food table. Plastic vampire teeth can be stuck in donuts for some silly sweets. Hot dogs Throwing The Best Halloween Party By Joanna Kelly 5