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Felice LaZae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. Her lyric driven music is a mix of bluesy rock with a good dose of soul. To check out and download her new Give It Away EP go to her website at I know that what Im about to say may not make a lot of Americans happy but I really feel this statement rings true. Amer- icans created rock n roll jazz and blues but the British took these genres mainly rock n roll to a whole new level. What is rock n roll without mentioning The Beatles Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones Queen and Deep Purple These bands and many more from England created some of the most American rock n roll of their generations and yet none of them are American by birth. It all started with the British Invasion in the 1960s. The leaders of this invasion without doubt were The Fab Four - The Beat- les. They honed their skills for years playing in clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg. They played lots and lots of American pop covers un- til magical pop songwriting formulas were fused into their soul and they broke through on an international level. They were students of American music. Thats why they were able to make it their own and create music that inspired a whole generation. They were the first boy band craze. Beatlemania defined the whole teenage obsession with boy bands. It was the first time any band had ever created a craze at that level and its what opened the door for many boy bands thereafter. What would Justin Bieber be without his Beliebers and One Di- rection also British may I add without their Directioners The Beatles were the first band to create this sort of hysterical fan culture around their music and it changed pop culture forever. The next wave of the British Invasion was somewhat more rebellious. While The Beatles were considered more pop and accept- ed by conservative 1960s parents bands like the Rolling Stones and the Animals pushed boundaries and appealed to the more outsid- er audience. They popularized musical genres with origins in black culture such as rhythm and blues which sadly received very little popularity when performed by black American artists in the 1950s. While it is sad that some of these black artists were never heard I am happy that their influence was heard through these in- credible British bands. Of course with roots that were so unaccepted at that time this music was perceived by parents and conservatives as unwholesome and rebellious. But thank goodness for rebellious teens because this new wave led to many more innovations in rock music. Whats funny is bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience which is definitely an American band had to go to the UK to break out big. So while theyre not exactly British in a sense Jimi Hendrix is a result of the British Invasion as well. The 70s continued the British Invasion with artists like Da- vid Bowie Black Sabbath Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. They de- fined genres from glam rock to heavy metal. While their American counterparts like Iggy Pop Alice Cooper and Lou Reed were mak- ing their own waves the British were never far behind. Its still hard for me to believe that bands like Queen The Smiths and The Clash that dominated during the 80s were all British. Their music defined rock in their generation yet some American fans dont even realize that they were not American. So whats next for British invasion Well after a decade of gratuitous AutoTuning in pop music the British once again are lead- ing the way in bringing back organic soulful music with tragic art- ists like Amy Winehouse and new artist like Adele and Sam Smith. The new British Invasion is a wave of neo soul that is both modern and innovative. If this is just a preview of what is to come and I cant wait for the next British Invasion to arrive 19