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This list is in no particular order of necessity but a non-black suit is a REQUIREMENT in a mans closet. Whether you choose a navy or gray suit either color is wearable for any casual or formal situation. A business meeting a wedding or even a funeral a non-black suit is practical. Select a wool or wool blend suit for more versatility. Wool and wool blend suits can be used all year long during any season. Wool suits are known for their climate adaptability. They keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. Wool suits are also very com- fortable and more wrinkle-resistant than most suit fabrics. Make sure that the fit of your suit is paramount. FIT IS EVERYTHING. Even the worlds most expensive suit will look bad if it isnt tailored to the contours of your body. 2 3 4 5 1 Stuck in between casual or business casual Or maybe you just dont feel like wearing a pair of jeans today A pair of chinos is your go to Chinos can be dressed up or down but can still leave you comfortably in the middle. Pair your chinos with a buttoned shirt and a blazer for an after-work happy hour or a denim jacket and a pair of low top sneakers for a sporty street style look. Be sure to have a pair of khaki chinos out of all the color selections. Khaki goes with EV- ERYTHING during any season. Tip update your chinos by tailoring them for a modern slimmer fit. Not only is a plain tee an essential it is a basic must-have like a pair of underwear. Mind you I am not comparing a quality plain tee to an ordinary undershirt. A perfect plain tee sounds simple but in all honesty it is all too elusive. However perfection lies in the eye of the beholder. You have to consider fit thickness and durability. I hon- estly cant tell you what kind of perfect plain tee to get because there are so many to choose from even though it is so basic. I can just tell you what to look for. With that said when you select a plain tee keep the colors down to classics like white gray or black. Also have a va- riety of necklines to choose from such as v-neck round or polo to give you options. Most importantly select a fabric with 100 cotton whether it be organic ring-spun or mercerized cotton. With those fabrics your tees will be more durable and lustrous. The most unwanted gift during the holidays for men has got to beTHE TIE. Polka dots paisley stripes plaid and blah blah the list goes on. WHY ALL THE TIES I must admit that when I would give my brother or father a tie it would be the most ridiculous trendy and unconventional tie that I could find. So I dont blame any men out there that need to consolidate their tie collection. Of course it is fine to have some color and pattern in the mix but we are here for the essen- tials A solid color tie is necessary for a gentlemans closet. Preferably black or navy. Also choose a silk or microfiber silk imitation that is stain resistant for longevity. A simple tie can change your overall look and works for any season. Select a tie that is smooth and refined. This is smack dab in the middle of your chest so keep it classy. If there is one pair of shoes that you own that are not sneakers or flip-flops it should be a pair of oxfords. Oxfords are simple classic and sophisticated. Although a pair of brogues may look too fancy for casual wear they actually look great with jeans and khakis. Black or brown are your safest colors to choose from and leather is the best material for durability and versatility. There are also many styles to choose from such as wingtip cap toe or plain toe. Oxfords come in mid-tops and low-tops but I recommend low-tops so it can work with trousers for formals or rolled up jeans for a casual look. Tip Keep some good polish around the house to maintain shine and upkeep. Luckily with a good leather oxford you can resole and refurbish them so they can last for years. 1. Non-Black Suit 2. Chinos 3. Plain Tee 4. Solid Tie 5. Oxfords 15