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Five ThingsThings Every Man Should Have In His Closet Whether you are on your suit and tie steez like Justin Timberlake or in your ass tight den- im and dunks like Jay-Z see what I did there Fashion lyrics building a closet of classic menswear essentials is necessary to provide a fashionable foundation for the modern male. As with any persons closet the perfect ward- robe should be collected with certain quality key pieces that are timeless and can work through- out the years for any occasion. Remember quality and versatility is key Just be- cause you have more clothes does not necessarily mean you have more options. Purchasing poor- er quality items especially with the vast amount of cheap and trendy fast-fashion selections will result in damages shrinkage fading etc. and one time wears. Clothing and accessories creat- ed with quality fabrics and good construction will ensure an extended use in your closet for years. Tip shop consignment and thrift 14 By Jazmine Turner Petty Jazmine Turner Petty was born and raised in Annapolis MD by her African Ameri- can father and Filipina mother. Her parents strong appreciation for art and culture inspired Jazmines love for fash- ion at a young age. She has worked in all types of retail ranging from fast fashion to high- end boutique retailers with a background in wardrobe and personal styling. Additionally Jazmine has worked in several local fashion shows and styled photo shoots to expand her knowledge and expe- rience. In 2013 Fashion Awards MD nominated her for Emerging Fashion Stylist of the year. She is a resident of Annapolis MD. Jazmine can be followed on her personal blog site Viva la Jazz Style designed directly to encourage growth in the Annapolis fashion community.