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of Halloween in general Any idea what youll be dressing up as this yearHancock. Congratulations Canyoutellusabitaboutthestory CA I was a fan of all the Nightmare On Elm Street and Exorcist movies when I was younger but as Ive gotten older Ive gotten more and more spooked by them I guess thats kind of funny considering I just shot 2 horror movies back to back. I have a few ideas for Halloween this year but I havent made decision just yet. Keep your eyes peeled on my instagram to see what I end up choosing FM On a lighter note you were also starring in the movie Adren- aline with John Schneider. What is that film about CA We shot Nefas in a remote town called Watseka a couple hours out- side Chicago where the closest form of entertainment was a Walmart 15 minutes away. The other two leads and I lived in a large house across the street from a graveyard for 3 weeks with no TV and minimal internet ac- cess. Then random things started happening to us... The wardrobe lady swallowed a close pin while adjusting someones wardrobe... The bathtub squirted up all sorts of random bugs from the plumbing. Lights were al- ways flickering. We had to stop shooting one day because of a tornado warning. So to ward out all the evil my co-star Clint Hummel decided to do Shakespeare monologues everywhere he could Haha. I think we just kept spooking ourselves FM On a lighter note you were also starring in the movie Adrenaline with John Schneider. What is that film about CA Adrenaline is a movie about a drag racer who has near a fatal car crash leaving him semi paraplegic. The film chronicles his strug- gles to walk and to learn to race again. I play the caretaker and love interest who helps him trust and love again. FM Are you a fan of drag racing or are you more of the cau- tious driver type CA Ha Im a bit of an aggressive driver myself. I think you have to be in LA because there are so many bad drivers I am very care- ful though and I make sure to never text and drive FM And as if all of that wasnt enough work you are current- ly filming the movie Not a Stranger. How has that been going and when can fans expect to see you in it CA Not A Stranger is great Its a really intriguing drama sort of in the vein of Goodwill Hunting. There are some very talented kids starring in it and director James Russo was a dream to work with Its set to be released late next year. FM Thank you so much for your time Charlene We wish you all the best continued success CA Thank you And thank you so much for featuring me on FLiP again 12