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CA One of the great things about being an actor is getting to play in all these different worlds. Some days comedy some days drama and some days Im shooting at zombies. I also love to travel which is a cool benefit of the job. While shooting Sleepy Hollow and NCIS NOLA I was able to enjoy some great south- ern cooking and amazing jazz shows during my down time. Shooting Bones was super fun because David Boreanaz and I are both from Buffalo so between takes we would reminisce about home. And Major Crimes was a blast since I got to play such an incredibly juicy role FM Has anyone started to recognize you on the street now CA I do get recognized as Wendy the waitress more than I ever thought possible. It happens in malls and airports sometimes restau- rants or grocery stores and catches me by surprise every time. It just goes to credit the success of the show and the incredible fanbase it built. I was lucky to get invited in to shoot so many episodes and also sing fun songs on websites built for the devout fans. Not many people know this but I voiced the characters on Those songs are really silly but were so much fun to record. FM What television shows are you a big fan of and would like to work on as a dream job FM Hello Charlene and thank you for sitting down with FLiP again We had featured you in our July 2014 issue after How I Met Your Mother had ended with your recurring guest role as Wendy the Waitress. And now you have been all over our TVs recently. With guest starring roles on shows like Bones NCIS New Orleans Major Crimes and an upcom- ing episode of Sleepy Hollow. What is it like working on all of these different shows CA Right now Im really digging Drunk History on Comedy Cen- tral. Im so impressed with the concept of this show. How fun is it to see a drunk person give a history lesson and watch actors reenact their version of how history went down. Another dream job would be to work with Johnny Depp one day. Ive been a fan of his since Nightmare On Elm Street FM Lets move on to some movie roles you have also gotten recently. You shot Live Evil with the great Tony Todd and you just won Best Actress at Scare-a-Con for your work in it as Deputy Hancock. Congratulations Can you tell us a bit about the story CA Thank you But I have to give credit to the writerdirector Ari Kirschenbaum. He created an incredibly strong and nuanced female lead and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to play her. Ari was initially a little nervous to cast me because Im only 55 and I would be commanding 3 male officers who were all 62 or taller. Luckily I was taking boxing lessons at the time and sent him a video of myself doing punching combos on a bag. After that he was convinced FM Sounds like an awesome scary movie perfect for Hallow- een viewing. Are you a fan of scary movies yourself How about 10