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BY LEWIS STOCKHAM E ven if you are not a Star Trek fan most people are familiar with the basic idea. Humanity is united we have solved all our problems and we are part of an intergalactic community. We enjoy peaceful coexistence with many other species in the United Federation of Planets. Now imagine humanity proceeding down a much different much darker path. In the Mirror Universe or Evil Universe we are imperialistic amoral cruel and violent Terrans humans conquer other species thus creating the Terran Empire. The empires symbol is the earth with a sword through it. I have always been fascinated with humanitys darker side. So the mirror universe is fascinating to me. The Terrans are ruthless power hungry lustful manipulative and self centered. For example it is totally permissible to assassinate your superior then take his place. It is a Shakespearian tragedy meets the Roman Empire in space. This universe was first introduced in the original series in an episode called Mirror Mirror. That is why it is referred to as the Mirror Universe. A transporter accident sends Kirk Uhara McCoy and Scotty to the evil Enterprise. The first thing they see is Spock with a beard and other crew members use the ancient Roman salute. Simultaneously bad Kirk Uhara McCoy and Scotty are transported to the good Enterprise. Needless to say Kirk and company get back. Good Kirk asks good Spock how he knew it was not him. Spock says It is much easier for civilized people to behave like barbarians than barbarians to behave like civilized people. It is worth mentioning it has become a joke that your evil self wears a beard since Evil Spock did. As I mentioned the symbol of the Terran Empire is the Earth with a sword through it. To me it represents an attitude of collective aggression and imperialism. The symbol is extremely anti-humanist. I have a DVD collection called Alternate Realities which among other things has every mirror universe episode ever done. By the way its a great collection to own for all you fans I was watching interviews with some of the writers and they made an interesting observation. It is fun for the actors and actresses to play bad versions of the character. It allows them to completely turn a known character on his or her head. In the Deep Space Nine episodes bad Sisco is a self involved self-centered pirate as opposed to good Sisco who is kind compassionate and intelligent. In the show Enterprise bad Archer is second in command ambitious to a fault hostile cruel and power hungry. He stages a coup against the captain then attempts to seize the throne of the empire as opposed to good Archer who is compassionate kind friendly and on a mission of peaceful exploration. I started thinking what would I be like in this universe In general what would my evil self be like Imagine embracing you darker side or running free with your base desires It is good that we have self control and restraint but it is interesting to think about. Lastly as a student of history I have imagined how history must have gone differently in that earth. Did the Axis Powers win World War II Going back further maybe there were no democratic revolutions and only a hand full of kingdoms or empires rule the world. Most importantly Khan must have won the Eugenics War then he united Earth under his rule thus creating the Terran Empire. We have the capacity for kindness understanding and compassion. However we also have the capacity for violence cruelty and hate. I believe that is the idea Gene Roddenberry and the other writers wanted to convey. Once again Star Trek helps us examine the good and bad sides of our own humanity. It makes you think as all great science fiction should I have always believed you should write what you know My passions and fascinations include history philosophy mythology and psychology. I love to people watch. I get many ideas that way.I am an avid science fiction fan. Science fiction is based in our imagination our imagination propels humanity forward in all our endeavors. -Lewis Stockham32 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015