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MCU. Which also reminds me of a small dream I have - X-Men coming back to the MCU. Ive heard rumors that Fox and Marvel are in talks but no solid substantiated news yet. If I could see Wolverine fighting next to Cap and Spidey I might just die and go to heaven. Theyre just rumors now but miracles can happen. Now back to the next wave Ant-Man even gave subtle allusions to the upcoming Doctor Strange movie and fought head to head with Falcon hinting at a connection to the Captain America Civil War movie. Even Agents of Shield is already setting up the groundwork for the Inhumans movie that isnt even slated to come out until 2019. Marvel has created a whole new way of capturing their audience with a world that is rich complex and all encompassing. Other franchises have tried but none have done it so successfully and effectively as Marvel. They make the right choices from casting the best actors for the job even when the choice doesnt make sense from the beginning like Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. He was 75 lbs over-weight but director James Gunn saw the potential in Pratt and cast him anyway with the promise that he would get into shape for the role. And even James Gunn being chosen as a director for that film was a very unconventional choice seeing that his filmography wasnt filled with action-space-superhero movies but Marvel takes chances. They even commit the big comic book sin and take liberties with origin stories but they still win as we can see with the re-imagining of Ant-Man. They take the right chances. They have a long-term cohesive vision and its made the MCU billions. Now other comic books brands like the DC Universe juggernaut are following in suit with plans to connect their movies Batman v Superman and The Suicide Squad in the same universe but I still think theyre missing the boat by not connecting their CW shows Arrow and The Flash to that same universe. I love DC just as much as the next fan but Im still not convinced that theyll achieve the same cohesive universe that Marvel has. We wont know until their movies start dropping over the next year. One thing is for certain Marvel has proven that they know what theyre doing and no matter how crazy some of their plans might sound for their future releases its pretty safe to say at this point that Marvel will do it right. In Marvel We Trust. _______________________________________________ Felice LaZae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. And shes also a huge fan of comics video games books and all things nerdy. Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. Her lyric driven music is a mix of bluesy rock with a good dose of soul. To check out and download her new Give It Away EP go to her website at Behind the Scenes from SingerFLiP Magazine Writer Felice LaZaes comic book shop video shoot. You can check it out online on her Youtube channel at 31 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015