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BY FELICE LAZAE Were experiencing an unprecedented event a completely immersive cinematic experience from the big screen to the small screen and everything in between. Never before has a cinematic universe been so vast and far-reaching as the one built by Marvel Comics. Its been years in the making. It was a rocky road to success for Marvel with several failed attempts at conquering the superhero movie with films like 2003s Hulk starring Eric Bana and 2004s The Punisher starring Thomas Jane. As entertaining guilty pleasures as these films kinda were both movies were box office flops. Then finally came Iron Man in 2008 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU game changed forever. It was the start of clever after credits scenes that almost every franchise even outside of Marvel now use as a way to tease the watcher with a glimpse of the next movies in their franchise. But Marvel is teasing more than just the next movie. Its not a linear world with Marvel. Sure theres Iron Man Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 but they dont just tease the movies in that series alone they tease the Captain America Thor Avengers and even Guardians of the Galaxy movies. These characters are always coexisting even in their own series of movies theyre always aware of the other characters in every facet of the MCU. And its more than just coexisting characters in movies. When youre done watching the movies you can continue the story with other characters in the MCU every week with ABCs Agents Of Shield. And sometimes characters from the big screen movies make guest appearances on this small screen epic to further intertwine their story lines. Nothing gave me greater joy than watching the last episode of the latest season of Agents of Shield right before going to watch Avengers Age of Ultron and witnessing the story line from the TV show continue right where it left off on the big screen. It really was a thrill. Its like a never-ending story. You know how you leave the theater normally and wonder what happens after the end credits With Marvel you never have to wonder. And it doesnt stop with Agents of Shield Marvel is adding more and more shows now with their Netflix partnership. I got a little giddy while watching Netflixs Daredevil when they mentioned the incident referring to the Chitari invasion on New York in The Avengers movie. In that moment I thought woah this is really all happening in the same world. And its going to get even bigger and better when they add The Punisher to the next season as well as another new super hero series called Jessica Jones which will open it up for two other shows about more super hero friends Luke Cage and Iron Fist. All of these shows are still in the same MCU. Its all connected guys. Its like a never-ending roller coaster ride and I dont know about you but I never want to get off. Whats really exciting is the next wave of Marvel movies. Starting with Ant-Man this summer which alluded to a certain web-slinging hero..wait lets pause there. Yes Spider-Man. I know this is old news that Sony has given Marvel permission to use Spider-Man on the big screen again but holy moly it still makes me get goose bumps. The last Spider-Man movie didnt do so well so Im so excited to see what Marvel does with the number one character in the Marvel Universe Its All Connected 30 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015