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Mike Evans WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers We think this could be the steal of your draft if current ADP of 3.05 holds true for Evans. We love his playmaking ability size in the red zone and ability after the catch which is special for a big receiver. 68 receptions for 1051 yards and 12 TDs in his rookie season are awesome numbers. With a full year now under his belt and a new big-armed QB in Jameis Winston we think the sky is the limit for Evans. If he slips into the middle of the 3rd round dont hesitate to pull the trigger on him. Tons of upside here. CORRECTLYVALUED Peyton Manning QB Denver Broncos Manning had another ridiculous year going on in the first half of the season last year. The second half of the year proved to be a big letdown. As great as Manning is Father Time is undefeated and time may be running low for this legend. It was inevitable that Mannings brilliant run in Denver would start slowing down at some point. Currently Peyton is coming off the board at 4.09 which sounds like it is the correct value for him. Its a risk taking Manning any earlier than late in the 4th round but with his name value alone I expect someone to grab him before that point which represents bad value. Stay the course FLiP-iacs AJ Green WR Cincinnati Bengals An ADP of 2.09 will have most owners licking their chops at the chance to nab Green early in the 2nd round but keep your cool. Green did not have a Green-like season last year with 69 receptions for 1041 yards and only 6 TDs. He was dealing with nagging foot injuries last season which obviously hurt his numbers. Even so we feel that he is correctly valued at this spot in the draft and as the 8th best WR. Although Green has the high name value patience is needed as other receivers are more deserving of your 2nd round choice this season before AJ. LOWVALUEAVOID LaSean McCoy RB Buffalo Bills It seems like a lifetime ago but McCoy was picked by many last season with the 1 overall pick in the draft. How quickly fantasy football careers shift McCoy is now on our Low ValueAvoid list with an ADP of 2.03. Hes going from a very good offensive line in Philadelphia to a suspect run blocking line in Buffalo. Also Buffalo has a revolving door at QB the past 2 seasons and this one will be no different. With the QB situation as shaky as it is expect defenses to pay a lot of attention to McCoy. We expect a down season from him. Our opinionavoid him unless he slips and you find him available in the 3rd round or later. Frank Gore RB Indianapolis Colts Gore has been an absolute beast since breaking into the NFL in 2005. Last year he showed he still had some tread left on the tires with a successful 1106-yard campaign. Unfortunately though he is 32 which is two years past the magic 30 number that so many RBs hit the wall. Compounding that he is switching teams and going from a run first run second offense in SF to a downfield passing attack in Indy. Gore has never been a great receiver out of the backfield either which doesnt help his value. While he is a very good pass blocker we expect a big decline in Gores numbers this season. His ADP is currently 4.07 and as much as we like him we recommend strongly to stay away VALUABLEROOKIES It seems like every year that a rookie or two breaks away from the pack and becomes a huge scoring fantasy player. This year should be no different. Weve targeted two rookies. Todd Gurley RB St. Louis Rams Gurley should be a beast in St. Louis this season. Hes the best combination of power burst and hands since LaDainian Tomlinson came out of college. If not for his ACL tear last season Gurley would have been off of the board in the first three picks. He may have a slow start while recovering from the injury in the first half of the season but in your second half playoff push watch out. This kid will be a huge addition to your playoff roster. His ADP is currently 5.02. Kevin White WR Chicago Bears Chicagos offense is going to be difficult to stop after adding Kevin White to its impressive roster of skill position players. Granted we dont necessarily love Cutler at QB but he has always been good at feeding his WRs. With Alshon Jeffrey on the opposite side teams will not be able to focus much on White. We think hes going to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year and should well surpass his current ADP of 8.05. He should be a fantasy stud this season. ____________________________________________ An unabashed Celtics fan Jay Schuster is Boston bred and raised and currently resides just north of the city. He is a Proposal Manager for a large company in downtown Boston and graduated from Salem State College in Salem MA. In his free time Jay loves playing and watching sports surprise surprise weightlifting and getting clobbered in both Monopoly and Clue by his daughter. 25 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015