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DONT leave your profile empty. DO be creative in the way that you fill out your about me profile section. Its a misconception that no one reads profiles. After we look at your pictures smart girls want to see what you have to say about yourself and what kind of person you are. Even if you feel insecure a profile page is not the place to voice those feelings. Show off your funny side and your confidence not your arrogance. Remember the goal here is to stand out in a good way. Tell a funny story or let your sarcastic sense of humor show. Sometimes I find that writing the way you speak can help convey humor. If you have a limit to the number of characters you can use to describe yourself make sure you use them wisely. Display your goofy quirky personality in the limited space you have. And heres a bonus tip for you Use proper grammar. Its frustrating trying to decipher what a guy is saying in his profile when he doesnt spell correctly or articulate his thoughts clearly. You dont have to be perfect just make an effort. DONT lie in your profile or your messages. DO talk about your goals and things that make you unique. Lying is often a deal breaker. If you lie about the important and basic things in your life you might as well kiss that quality woman goodbye before you meet her. One of the worst things you can do is tear down trust before youve even built it up. Women will find out if you lied about your height age profession or anything else important. It will happen. Were not blind and were not stupid. Instead of indulging that fear of rejection and fibbing remember that confidence sense of humor and personality go a much longer way. Speaking the truth -- writing creatively about your hobbies telling a funny story and talking about your long term goals if youre not exactly where you want to be in life -- is more likely to get you a first and second date than lying. Dont waste her time and dont waste yours. Tell the truth with pride and confidence. DONT send one word messages or overtly sexual messages. DO send a meaningful message that will engage her. Always keep your eye on the prize which is You want to be memorable in everything you do on your profile including sending messages. Remember that for every meaningful message you send her she is probably getting five messages that say hey whats up sexy or Wanna hook up tonight Read her profile and show her that you know more than one word. If you dont you are sending her a message that says youre lazy and you wont put in an effort towards her. Thats a red flag for women and it just tells us that youre trolling around dozens of other profiles waiting for someone to finally take the bait. When you message a woman that you like it is important to engage her. Ask her questions. Talk about something in her profile. Make her feel like you actually want to talk to her. When you do this your effort will stand out and you will be more memorable. And finally your nice gal agreed to go on a date with you Good for you Now what DONT be a flake. DO call her make a plan and show up for your date -- on time. Once a woman agrees to go out with you put in some effort and show up. If you flake she will likely cut you off and you will not speak to her again. These are basic elements of respect and something every woman deserves. Remember that if you think she is worth the time she is also worth a phone call and a plan. Quality women have jobs friends and hobbies so you shouldnt expect her to be free the same night you call. One woman I spoke with said she wont even agree to meet a guy unless she has heard his voice first. So get that awkward first phone call out of the way and take comfort in the fact that you probably wont be the only person feeling a little weird. When you go out with her be a gentleman and be yourself. Hopefully the experience will grow into something more lasting. Congratulations gentlemen The fact that you got this far shows that youre willing to put in the effort needed to meet a great woman. This list is not exhaustive but it has good tips to help you stay memorable and avoid getting overlooked. When in doubt be respectful and be yourself Take heart in the fact that these myriad websites have millions upon millions of members and people are attracted to many different types of people. Generally women arent looking for perfection. We just want someone who treats us with kindness affection and respect. The odds are that you WILL find a nice girl to invite out. Until then employ these tips and keep being you. Julie Lujano is a lover of music art books and many other creative manifestations. She lives in Sacramento CA where she nerds out in coffee shops chorus and virtual book clubs. For more of Julies musings go to 23 WWW.FLIPMAGAZINE.NETAUGUST2015