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6 A black blazer is a key classic that looks great on anyone. Whether you are going for a professional or casual look a black blazer is perfect for any occasion. With either a pair of jeans pants or a dress the black blazer is a great layer for an outfit. Try a tailored blazer for a more feminine appeal or a long black boyfriend blazer for a cool street style look. 2 3 4 5 1 6 A pair of indigo denim jeans works best for day to night alternatives. In the daytime pair it with a white v-neck and black blazer with minimal jewelry for a clean chic style. At night pair your jeans with a colorful patterned top for a glam night on the town. If you want to keep it really classy opt for an ankle length jean. They look great in heels and they are easy to cover with tall boots The little black dress LBD A wardrobe staple that is sim- ple elegant and sophisticated that comes in many cuts and styles. If you really have nothing to wear this is a go-to Whether you want a refined office ready look or a flirty date night getup a little black dress is your choice. The LBD can be found anywhere at any store and made by any designer. It can be styled so easily with pops of color statement jewelry or a silk scarf. Make sure that the dress is simple in design and not too trendy so you can style it differently every time. Give thanks to fashion icon Coco Chanel for the creation As stated by fashion consultant Tim Gunn whether paired with dress pants a skirt or jeans a classic white shirt is always polished and sophis- ticated. A white collared shirt is basic and versatile that is easy to dress up or down. It is also the best piece to use when you want to layer. Tuck a crisp white shirt into a pencil skirt and pair it with a collared statement necklace wear it under an oversized sweater or wear it alone a little unbut- toned with distressed jeans and booties for an effortless comfortable look. Black pumps are the epitome of feminine and sexy. Adding a black-heeled pump can turn any outfit from casual to chic. Even if you are not the heel type you may want a pair of black pumps just in case weddings dates etc.. Luckily heels come in a good range of lengths and styles so make sure you choose a heel that is comfortable for you. You can choose between leather patent or suede for texture and either stiletto wedge or block for heel type among others. Make sure to pick a combination that is versatile too. A leather mid length heel is always a great choice. 1. Black Blazer 2. Indigo Denim Jeans 3. The LBD 4. White Collared Shirt 5. Black Pumps 6. Red Lipstick Although this next essential isnt something you would place in your clos- et a classic red lipstick needs to be mentioned A bold red lip dresses up any outfit with minimal effort. And again it is feminine and sexy. With a simple tee or a LBD a red lip stands out and can accessorize your look even if you didnt mean to. Adding a touch of red lip to your outfit instant- ly grabs attention elevates your look and exudes confidence. There are ranges of reds to choose from in all types of finishes. My favorite is a highly pigmented matte red. 8