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Five Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet Ladies how many times have we stared in our clos- ets and said to ourselves I have nothing to wear We wail and complain that our bursting closet full of clothes that we just bought does not have the per- fect outfit for whatever occasion we have coming up. American fashion designer Michael Kors can answer that. According to Kors 70 percent of the clothes you own should be meat and potatoes. 30 percent should be icing and fluffthats color pattern shine and accessories. Too many women get the proportions the other way round then cant figure out why they cant get dressed. In other words a womans closet needs to have a foundation with classic essential pieces. Your closet will see fashion trends come and go but foolproof classics will never lose their appeal. Yes following fashion trends is frivolous and fun when you take those fashion risks with confidence but playing it safe with classics is just as trendy too The perfect wardrobe should be collected with certain quality key pieces that are timeless and can work throughout the years for any occasion. Classics dont have to be boring either. You can build those staples with current cool trends icing and fluff or just have unique twists to those traditional piec- es. With the following five essentials your closet will have a core foundation and you will never have to doubt your wardrobe again. By Jazmine Turner Petty Jazmine Turner Petty was born and raised in Annapolis MD by her African Ameri- can father and Filipina mother. Her parents strong appreciation for art and culture inspired Jazmines love for fash- ion at a young age. She has worked in all types of retail ranging from fast fashion to high- end boutique retailers with a background in wardrobe and personal styling. Additionally Jazmine has worked in several local fashion shows and styled photo shoots to expand her knowledge and expe- rience. In 2013 Fashion Awards MD nominated her for Emerging Fashion Stylist of the year. She is a resident of Annapolis MD. Jazmine can be followed on her personal blog site Viva la Jazz Style designed directly to encourage growth in the Annapolis fashion community. 7