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Fall TV Lineup By Alexis Monahan Returning Shows We Are Excited to Have Back Doctor Who Sept 19th on BBC America 98c Following the adventures of a time-traveling alien called The Doctor and his human companions as they deal with crises set on Earth and other worlds. Spoilers - Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are back for new adventures and Producer Steven Moffet promises a bit more light-heartedness. - We are excited to know River Song played by Alex Kingston has been confirmed to guest star in the Christmas Special The Voice Sept 21st on NBC 87c Singers square off for a coveted recording contract. Adam Levine Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani and Pharell Williams are back The Big Bang Theory Sept 21st on CBS 87c The Geeks are back Spoilers Leonard and Penny have eloped. Sheldon and Amy have broken up. Cant wait to see what happens this season Gotham Sept 21st on FOX 87c An action-drama series following rookie detective James Gordon as he battles villains and corruption in pre-Batman Gotham City. Spoilers Season 2 is going to be all about the villains and their rise to power in Gotham City. Once Upon a Time Sept 27th on ABC 87c A womans destiny unfolds when she arrives in a modern-day town populated by fairy-tale characters. Spoilers Emma Swan played by Jennifer Morrison has gone full dark swan. Popular character Ruby played by Meghan Ory to return 31