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What to Expect when Youre Expecting a kitten By Arielle Nieshalla Ok we all know how cute kittens are. There are probably one million billion pictures and memes on the Internet that can attest to that. Everyone talks about their cats and all the cute things they do. If youre like me you start thinking Well obviously its awesome and so SO easy I THINK ILL GET A KITTEN Then you get a kitten and realizewait I dont know anything about kittens WHAT DO I DO WITH IT I CANT EVEN KEEP A CACTUS ALIVE Cat owners who are old hands at it are NOT helpful because their answer is always dont worry its easy. Like you should automatically know what to do even when OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. So this is for all you would-be first time kitten owners out there to guide you through this scary and ultimately rewarding life experience. In this your first pet store trip youll want to get these essentials a scratching post nail clippers fur ball lubricant tooth brushing kit a carrier waterfood bowls a litter box and litter. A cat bed is some- thing completely up to your discretion. I didnt get one because lets be honest cats are gonna sleep wherever they want. For my kittens first couple days I lined the bottom of his carrier with a hand towel and a t-shirt I had previously worn. That way he became both ac- customed to my smell and more comfortable with his carrier a big help during trips to the vet later on. Youll also probably want to get some toys but Id suggest starting small so you dont overwhelm the little guy. That and theyll probably love your bobby pins and hair ties more than the most expensive cat toy in the world. Also obviously food Im not gonna lie this was the most overwhelm- ing part of the process for me. You walk into the food aisle and see a myriad of food wet dry kitten cat organic not organic 50 dif- ferent brands and 5 types of flavors within those 50 different brands and theyre all DIFFERENT colors. Obviously everyone has different things they want for the kitten and thats something youll have to fig- ure out yourself but heres one tip that no one told me about. Make sure that you buy cans that are specifically labeled KITTEN formula. All cat food is generally labeled formula which having grown up with lots of children around I thought was something only for babies. But tis not true with our furry pets. Youll want to make sure you get KITTEN food as it has more protein to help their little bodies grow. Things Youll Need Before Hand 29