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The Art of the Postcard By Aeri Rose Hey Ma Greetings from the top of the Empire State Building. Can I see my house from here Give everyone my love and tell John to stay out of my room Love Katie Hi Dad We walked ALL OVER Barcelona today. Man am I tired. Time for some wine and tapas. Gina says hi too. See you soon Rob OMG Sarah you will not believe how hot all the guys are in Italy. Its a total dream. I met this guy at the disco last night Angelo and we stayed out dancing till like 500 am. The sky was getting light seriously. Wish you were here xoxo Roxie No matter who you want to write to on your next trip write some post- cards They are a fun and inexpensive way to let your loved ones know you were thinking about them while on your adventures. And in to- days modern age of tweets posts and pokes its nice to find something more exciting than bills and penny-savers in the mailbox on occasion. What kind of post card should you send Whatever strikes your fancy There are cards of places youve been sights youve seen and more. Some are big some are small some are matte or glossy but all offer the sender a chance to share a small slice of their excitement and discovery with friends back home. Or consider exploring one of the many new postcard apps available on your smartphone. Snapshot Postcard for iPhone is one of my favorites and Touchnote for android and laptops is a good one too. With these apps you can be the author and photographer Just upload your favorite moments from your trip jot down your messages and with a couple quick clicks away it is whisked to be printed and sent wherever you wish. The typical postcard has roughly 4 square inches of message space at most so keep your notes short and sweet. And remember these things dont have envelopes so keep your messages kid friendly and non-in- criminating Write a poem or song a haiku or even a riddle to keep your readers guessing until you get home. Fancy yourself as an artist Draw a picture Sometimes when in the midst of a busy trip it can be hard to re- member to stop and appreciate each new moment. But the act of selecting a card and sitting down at a cafe or on a park bench to write out a few of your favorite memories can help you to pause catch your breath and remember what it is about travel that you love most to begin with. So on your next trip I challenge you to send a post card. Do it for you. I hope you love it. I hope your reader loves it. And I hope it helps you connect to a deeper appreciation of the places you visit. Happy travels and happy writing Have you ever had the urge to just drop what you were doing pack a bag and set out on an adventure Five years and over two dozen countries later Aeri Rose is proof that excitement independence and discovery await those who are bold enough to say yes to lifes craziest choices. When not exploring the world with her little grey backpack Aeri Rose can be found living a nomadic lifestyle travel- ing the United States as an artist and entrepreneur. To follow Aeri Rose on all her adventures check her out online at or or on Facebook at www.facebook.comaerirose. 25