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Lucy played by Alexis Nichols and Desi played by Victor Oconitrillo fight to get the pilot episode to their show I Love Lucy made. As the title would suggest Alexis Nichols really did become Lucy. An older Lucille Ball laughs and reflects on the process of creating the I Love Lucy show. well-known quirks were all there- in itself an impressive feat. Layered in were some truly special moments of beau- tiful acting that touched my heart in a way I didnt expect. While I applaud Becoming Lucy for its attention to time period set detail and costume design its stun- ning make up work and overall charm what I applaud it for most is this it reached its goal. Its a tribute to Lucille Ball a little love letter to her indomitable spirit. Any good tribute finds a way to give its viewers a little of that love. It certainly did for me. I found myself searching YouTube for classic Lucy bits and actual Lucille Ball interviews be- cause I was interested in knowing this charismatic brave woman more. Something that Im sure we all could relate to. BecauseEverybody Loves Lucy. Arielle Nieshalla is a writer actor and all around dabbler in the arts living in LA. She loves reading and looking contemplatively out of windows whilst its raining. Shes a contributing writer for the fabulous HelloGiggles website and you can follow some of her writing at httphellogiggles.compraise-real-father3or if social media is more of your thing catch her adventures in Ins- tagram Aribelle89. 22