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A Review of the Film Festival Favorite Becoming Lucy By Arielle Nieshalla It takes a lot of gumption to make a film about a well-known beloved actor especially one from another era. It requires an insane amount of research meticulous wardrobeset planning and a whole lot of guts. Even then many of these ambitious films come off cheap and empty. I was pleasantly surprised to see that wasnt the case with Becoming Lucy. Even though I previously knew of the films success at well-known festivals both local and international the Festi- val De Cannes the Burbank Film Festival ITSA Film Festival Cinerockom International Film Festival and the Feminist Queer International Film Festival to name only a few I was still a tad cautious going in to my first viewing. How could anyone imbue the spirit of Lucille Ball both on- and offstage How could a short film possibly begin to scrape the surface of a story so full How could a low budget film sell me on something that I doubted even a Hollywood blockbuster could pull off convincingly And all in 19 minutes What first caught my eye was the attention to detail actress Alexis Nich- ols put into every aspect of her performance as Lucille Ball. Its a daunting task to undertake and one that she rose to the challenge of as her winning Cinerockoms Best Actress Em- erald Award attests to. Whether it was Lucy doing a classic Lucy bit the hilarious Vitameatavegamin young Lucy in love with Desi Arnaz or older Lucille Ball talking about her past I bought it. The mannerisms the voice work the 21 A still from the films recreation of the iconic Vitameatavegamin skit