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1. Choose your colors at first stick with no more than three. 2. Section an inch piece of hair that you want colored and get it wet so the color will stick better. Tip This is recommended for everyone but blondes. Dont wet blonde hair too much unless you want the color to stay longer. Just dampen blonde hair a bit. 3. Use the chalk in a downward motion. Make sure not to go up and down with the chalk because this will roughen and increase frizz in your hair. Twist your hair as you chalk. Tip Make sure you start with the lightest color first so you can build the color to where you desire. 4. Repeat step 2 on other pieces. Eventually using the brighter colors. 5. Either let hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer. 6. Seal the color in with a flat iron or curling iron. And spray with hairspray to set the look. 7. When youre ready wash out the color. Tip In lighter hair or more porous hair the color may last a couple shampoos. You can use a clarifying shampoo to speed up the process. Step 3 4 Step 5 Final Look Step 6 19 Step 1 2