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Q What is your clientele like A Firstly bridal of course since we offer a lot of bridal wear. We have a vast clientele which are not only Indian but also anyone who would like to wear an outfit with an eastern flair to it Q Bright colors seem to be a theme in your clothes how do color and fabric play a part in the designs you feature A I love color. I think color is so important in our lives as it brings joy and livens up the person wearing it Fabrics have to be soft malleable and pure. Q What inspired you to open your own clothing store A The dearth of not having an Indian designer store in California where custom designed brides can be satisfied. I also host a lot of designers with their trunk shows and fashion shows at the store. Q Your clothing has been featured in many fashion shows. What is it like seeing your designs on the runway A Its always a good feeling to see my designs on run- way and feel appreciated. Q Whats next for Fashion By Rohini and where do you see your business going A There are a lot of exciting plans for the future which will expand my business ... I will be launching a new project soon. Q How can our readers keep up with you and your work A My facebook page www.facebook.comROHINI.BEDI.L.A is the best way to keep in touch with whats happening at the store. Our website is and we are also on instagram at www.instagram.comrohinibedi or stop by our store in California at 18725 Pioneer Blvd. Artesia CA 90701. 15